Surreal Styles


Established in 2004, Surreal Styles was created with one major thing in mind; to be different.  Based out of Tampa, Florida, Surreal Styles has not deviated from that one major characteristic since then.  Innovated by Joerod “surreal” Collier , Melvin “LOs” Halsey who both run the company and design the shoes, they’ve tapped into a niche that the majority of the world loves.  The ever evolving sneaker culture is a lifestyle lived by millions all over the world. Surreal styles looks to make a home in this immense culture from their individuality, creativity, quality, and respect.

Surreal sneakers Surreal Styles

Calling all sneakerheads!!!  Surreal Styles customizes your sneakers with custom zippers, patterns, designs, colors, prints, etc.  Unzip your mind!  Inspiring free thought, free thinkers, and the open minded.  Let me break this down for you all.  Surrealism is an artistic movement and a philosophy that aims for the liberation of the mind.  Tapping into your subconscious and extending beyond the norm being open to wherever it leads you.

Surreal sneaks Surreal Styles

So who wants a little plaid on their Nikes?  Bet your mind didn’t take you there, did it? Surreal Styles aimed to be different and that they are.  Appealing to anyone with a lot of style; the urban appeal of the shoes they customize is not something you see everyday.  You’ll most definitely stand out wearing a pair of customized kicks, be it plaid or zippers, you’ll be noticed!

Surreal shoes Surreal Styles

The pages upon pages of their customized sneaker portfolio is a work of art.  You can get anything from gold glitter to animal skin.  Check out the Jeffrey below.

Surreal shoes2 Surreal Styles

Surreal sneakers2 Surreal Styles

I’m not even a sneakerhead and I’m drooling over these shoes.  Ok, just a few more for fun. Here’s the Aqua Supremes and the Bahamas.

Surreal sneakers3 Surreal Styles

Surreal sneakers4 Surreal Styles

Currently their store is down for construction and maintenance, but you can email them your order for custom kicks here: . Shoes can range up to $200 and possibly more depending on your customization, but it looks well worth the cash spent.  Keep up with them currently on Facebook and be sure to flip through their portfolio of kicks, especially if your a sneakerhead!


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