Soletron Bristol Passport ‘Paradise Circus’ by Massive Attack [Video]


Once again we are dragging you out of the lulls of the United States and unlawfully taking you on a trip to England. Why England you might ask? Well, why not is what I would reply with. For today’s Soletron Passport we are headed to Bristol to kick it with Massive Attack. Massive Attack is a British rock band most popularly known for their song Paradise Circus that serves as the theme music for Luther (a sitcom starring Idris Elba).

When I saw the sitcom I instantly was forced to figure out who this group was. The music is pure, and something about it will give you eerie chills, but in the right ways. You’ll see what I mean once you check out this video.

massive attack soletron passport Soletron Bristol Passport Paradise Circus by Massive Attack [Video]

If you’ve ever heard this song, it’s most likely because you watch the HBO sitcom True Blood. It serves as a theme song for this show as well.

Anywho…hope you enjoyed your ride through Bristol.

Soletron Bristol Passport ‘Paradise Circus’ by Massive