Soletron Exclusive: 5 Questions With Mouse On Tha Track


mouse on the track hucb8s Soletron Exclusive: 5 Questions With Mouse On Tha Track

Mouse drop the track……..”

When you hear, “Wipe Me Down,” or “Independent,” you think of Lil Boosie and Lil Weebie as you should. What you might not notice is who produced the track. Mouse On The Track has been the in-house producer for Trill Ent. since its inception. It was his hands that produced those and many more hits for the Trill family.

That was then and this is now. Mouse is no longer contractually obligated to the label and ready to hit the rest of the hip-hop world with his signature sound. Soletron got the chance to speak with Mouse On Tha Track recently about his separation with Trill Ent, artists he’s ready to work with, the Louisiana music scene, his music and of course the status of Lil Boosie.

Mouse On Tha Track2 rhrnia Soletron Exclusive: 5 Questions With Mouse On Tha Track

Soletron: So why happened with you and Trill Ent?

Mouse On Tha Track: It wasn’t nothing really. My contract was up with them and I just didn’t re-sign with them.

Soletron: You and Trill Ent had a lot of good history with each other.

Mouse On Tha Track: Yes. I produced “Wipe Me Down” for Boosie and “Independent” for Weebie and a lot more. I was always an artist though. I would drop lines here and there on a few songs

Soletron: I know that you have stepped from behind the boards recently to get on the mic? What prompted that.

Mouse On Tha Track: I’ve always been on the mic. I would get booked for shows even back then, that’s how I was stacking my money. I put out a mixtape last November called “Millionaire Dreamzzz” and I just put out a single on Itunes for those real, real fans who know about me called “Don’t Make Em Like Me” featuring Kevin Gates.

Soletron: I know you’re still a producer at heart. Now that you’re no longer obligate to Trill Ent, who are some artists that you feel need Mouse On Tha Track.

Mouse On Tha Track: Everybody who’s signed to a label (laughs). To be more specific, I want to work with Big Sean, Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, people like that.

Soletron: For the fans, what’s going on with Lil Boosie. When can we expect to see him in the flesh again?

Mouse On Tha Track: I don’t know either! I don’t know an exact release date. Last time I spoke with him, it was noisey in the back and I could’n’t really hear him. He told me that he loves me and I told him that I loved him. I got some verses from him that haven’t been heard, but I’m waiting like everyone else for him to come out.

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Soletron Exclusive: 5 Questions With Mouse On Tha Track