Soletron Exclusive – Fantasy Author, R.T. Kaelin


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When it comes to epic fantasies, most people are quick to throw out big names like George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, or Robert Jordan, because these guys have made and left their mark in the literary world.  Most new works that appear in the publishing sector are often compared to one of these icons.  Big publishing houses try to mimic and release new books set in their patterns because they wish to receive the acclaim and success enjoyed by their predecessors, but what about the independent or self-published writers in epic fantasy?  To what do they have to look forward?  A lot of hard self-marketing work just to get a small chance at a moderate hope of success is what I’d say.

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However, every once in a while there’s an exception, someone pulls away from pack in this rat race and scratches out a different path.  One of those authors is a man named R.T. Kaelin.   A few years ago I came across a great story called The Progeny.  I had just finished the last Harry Potter book and really still had a taste for magic and adventure, but just couldn’t find anything to whet my whistle until I stumbled upon this self-published book about magic, mystery and adventure.  I was hooked before the end of the first page, and since then have made quite a good friend of the brilliant author behind the story.

R.T. Kaelin’s story has only just begun.  Since that first meeting a couple of years ago he has since published the second book in the series and busily working on the third, and has caught the attention of prestigious agents and publishers with huge hopes of being published by a larger traditional publisher.    I wish him the best of luck and much success.

Here are a few exclusive questions and answers I asked R.T. Kaelin about his books just for Soletron:

 What about the White Lions series do you think appeals to a young male audience?

“Swords, magic and massive battles. What’s there not to like? Beyond that, the two protagonists are a brother and sister in their late teens who must struggle to fulfill the weighty expectations placed on them and rise to fight against the challenges tossed at them by the big, bad evil guy. They are two semi-ordinary people asked to do extraordinary things.”

What’s coming up for this series?

“Well, volumes I (Progeny) and II (Prophecy) are out. I am in the midst of editing Volume III. Volumes IV and V are on the radar. I actually self-published the first two volumes, and from their success earned the attention of a number of literary agents. I signed with one back in February and we have drawn significant interest from publishers, several of whom I am quite excited about. So, as to what that means in the long run… I’m not sure. A lot of what happens lies in the hands of others. All I can do is keep writing.”

What is your favorite scene in the series so far, and why?

“I’m going to cheat and pick one from each book. In Progeny, the scene where Broedi (a sort of unknown at the time) goads Nikalys (brother) into a fight by the cliff. It provides the first ‘whoa’ moment for both Nikalys and the reader. By that point in the book, the reader knows something is up with these two, and this is where everyone – characters and readers alike – learn what that something is. In Prophecy, there’s a scene with Kenders (sister) near the end of the book. To avoid spoilers, I won’t give too much detail, but it’s a moment where we finally see her natural impulsivity merge with clear-headed thinking, resulting in doing something pretty dang impressive. Now in Volume III (secret title), there’s a great scene with one of the readers’ favorite minor character coming face to face with a long, lost love. The dressing down that he gets is epic and deserved, but he, still true to form, handles it perfectly and turns the weakness into strength.”

You can find more information about author R.T. Kaelin or his White Lions series at or follow him on Twitter @AuthorRTKaelin.

Images By: R.T. Kaelin

Soletron Exclusive – Fantasy Author, R.T. Kaelin