Soletron Exclusive: Getting In the Game with Knightwing


What’s up gamers! We here at Soletron are excited to bring you this interview from Knightwing. He has serious incite into the world of gaming and more gaming experience than most of us. You won’t want to skip out on this one I promise. Be sure to check out Knightwing’s YouTube Channel as well!

kwing reviews1 Soletron Exclusive: Getting In the Game with Knightwing



Name: Knightwing 

Real Name: Luke

DOB: 2-18-1983

Game Speciality: Retro and Nintendo Games

Favourite Video Game Villain: Dracula (CastleVania classic)

Platform: Nintendo

Years being a Gamer: 26

Notable Projects / Collabs: Totalbiscuit, Dodger, Operation Rainfall, Game Knights TV

Company’s Signed With:, GameZone,, The Game Station

Social Followers: 86,000


For our readers, please introduce yourself. How did you get into the “game”?

My name is Luke, but my Audience knows me as Kwing “The Real Game Master” which,
yes, is a tribute to Captain N! I started small, writing Game Faqs to help my fellow Gamers
with tough Nes & Snes games back in the late 90s. Then I worked my way up from an unpaid
blogger to an actual member of the videogame press, though I’m freelance. In YouTube’s
early days, I made retro vids, but removed the angry bit that plagued old school YouTube.

What sparked your interest in video games? Was it at a young age or a case of late blooming?

Honestly, it would have to be my father. Back in the early 80’s during the arcade craze, my
dad was always off to the arcade with his best friend Roger, ( much to the annoyance of my
mother). See, it was rare to own a home console and a hundred dollars may not seem like a
lot now, but back then wasn’t as affordable. Early in my life, my dad was able to get an Atari
2600 and lots of games on clearance because of the videogame crash in ‘83. I’ve been told I
would sit on his lap and watch him play Ms. Pacman, Pitfall and many others. In fact, we still
have a trunk full of 2600 games.

When I was a little older, it wasn’t until visiting a Caldor near Poughkeepsie, NY that I was
personally interested in videogames. You probably don’t remember this, but department
stores used to have NES machines called M82’s which would let you play like 12 games. An
older kid was playing a hot new game, The Legend of Zelda! Well, I picked up the gamepad
and had no idea what I was doing. I wandered around the map and just was sucked into the
game. The rest is history!

Everyone has an opinion. What made you want to start a blog and share your interests? How
did it get formed?

We were looking for a game to buy, Spider-Man 3 for Wii, and all the reviews didn’t give us
enough info. So because I did commentary for my wife while playing the game, she said “you
should totally make a video of that” so I did. Personally, I wasn’t expecting anything to come
from it. But after seeing people take an interest in what I had to say, I was hooked.

Over how many years did you get your user base?

I hit 86,000 on my 30th birthday a few weeks ago, so about 6 years.

Are you a full time gamer? If so, what else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this full

Yes, I am a full time gamer. If I hadn’t been doing this? I’d probably be in the ministry as a
youth pastor.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you during your career (convention, groupie,
playing etc.)

I got asked to work with IGN a few years ago. Nothing came of it mind you; but that was my
dream as a teenager, because it seemed like the best job in the world.

What do your parents think of your gaming career? Are they supportive or do they give you

Yes, I would say they are supportive. My mom sometimes gets on me about doing M rated
games. But my dad talks to Best Buy employees about how proud he is of his son.

Moving on, what are your favourite games to play? If you had to specialize in something other
than your own which one would it be?

I like to play pretty much all games and genres, from Fighting, Action, Adventure, Puzzle,
Racing, Shoot-Em-Up, Arcade, Beat-Em-Ups, Hack ‘N Slash, RPG, Strategy and Sports. But,
the type of game that I specialize in is Fighting. Whenever I get some down time, I always
have some type of copy of Street Fighter nearby for either my 3DS, Snes or PS3.

Let’s just say you could get transported into another dimension. If you could be in any game,
which one would you be in? Specific Character?

Link from The Legend of Zelda. To this day, he is my favorite .

Every gamer has an experience that makes a game special to them, like fighting an extremely
difficult boss battle only to get in another battle and die two feet away from a save point. Do
you have any memorable gaming moments?

Too many to name. What about the EPIC finale Battle in OOT between Link & Ganon, or
your Game Cube shutting off while playing Eternal Darkness only to have it start up again. InGhouls ‘N Ghosts, you worked so hard to beat the game, only to learn you have to do it a 2nd

TIME! See, It’s too hard to pick and choose just one memory. Each game has a story to tell,
characters to fall for or hate and epic worlds to explore.

But, If I must pick one, it would have to be the death of Crono! It brought me to tears. Up
until then, I can’t recall the main hero dying as part of the story. Sure, you could bring him
back to life by using that clone doll from the fair, but still, that made a lasting impression on
me. Now when I play games, I expect the unexpected.

Are there any gamers or bloggers that you look up to?

Not really, most of the current big YouTube Gamers are younger then I am. I do, however,
look up to the old IGN Nintendo Team, Matt Cassamass and Craig Harris. And, my show
format and style was inspired by Game Pro TV, that 90’s videogame show. That was so rad!

There are a lot of good games that are released. However, a few rotten tomatoes are out
there. Is there a game that you would never play again? If you had to reboot one a game or a
series of games which one and why?

I know everyone says ET or Superman 64. Though, the game I will never play again is Total
Recall on the NES. I haven’t played that game in over 20 Years and I have no intention of
breaking that record anytime soon.

If I had to reboot a franchise, I would go with Earthbound. While I know it’s likely impossible
that we’ll see Mr. Saturn and Ness again, the series to this day has a massive following
around the globe. The fact that its creator won’t continue the franchise or even remake it is
devastating to say the least. I mean, the least they could have done is re-release the SNES on
the Wii’s Virtual Console.

What’s your favourite / least platform to play on?

Super Nintendo was my Favourite and least would be the 3D0.

Blast from the past: Favourite old school game?

Six years ago, I would have said, A Link to The Past for the Super Nintendo. But now,
especially after reviewing hundreds of classic 80’s and 90’s games; Chrono Trigger, Ninja
Gaiden, Golden Axe, Super Castlevania 4, Starfox 64, Shinobi 3, Earthbound, Street Fighter
2 Turbo, Mega Man X, Sonic 2, Goldeneye, and OOT to name a few, well, I’m sorry I just
can’t decide.

Where do you think the industry is going?

Truthfully it’s going into 2 different directions. Big companies are trying too hard to appeal
toward the “hardcore” aka Casual Mass Market, by making tons of forgettable FPS games
or overly mature action games every other month. The thing is, these games are only good
enough until the next big game releases a few months later. What’s scary is, this has already
happened before in our industry between Atari & Intellivision. Now on the other hand, a
new wave of great games is coming from the indie camp. And these guy’s n gals, who grew
up with the classic Nintendo or Genesis games, and are making fun creative games. The
difference between this and the generic stuff is the passion they put into their game. Some ofthe best games I’ve played outside of Nintendo first party titles have been indie made. Like

retro games of old, these games are so well made that they create a lasting impression with the
player. Chances are, ten years from now, you won’t remember what won GOTY in 2013, but
games like Journey, the Cave, Mighty Switch Force HD, Nano Assault etc., you’ll remember
because of how much fun the devs had making it and how much you enjoyed playing it. Keep
an eye on indie developed games folks, it’s the future.

If you had to give any advice to some new gamers, what would it be?

Never listen to haters. Play what you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re rescuing princesses,
exploring tombs, or racing through a city-full of Lego’s. Videogames are supposed to be fun,
remember that. As far as getting into this field? Remember to be yourself. Never be ashamed
of how you were created. watch old ‘80s and ‘90s cult classic movies and cartoon shows. It’s
important to know your references when talking about videogames. Also research the game
you’re covering, and know about the game and gameplay mechanics from games like it. Never
lie or make up things to get views for vids or written works. Honesty, is an important trait
that is dying out these days. Lastly, when writing a review, talk about what made you like or
dislike the game. Don’t worry about using fancy words, because it’s going to make you look
full of yourself. Folks just want to know why the game is worth playing or not.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with Soletron. We wish you all the best in the future.
Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Thank you for having me.