Soletron Exclusive: Getting in The Game with RifleGaming


If you have never checked out a video from RifleGaming on YouTube, what are you doing? Seriously, this guy is outrageously funny but still manages to post serious videos for you cold blooded gamers out there. No worries a few pieces of his work is sprinkled in the interview below but for the full effect subscribe to his page here.


Name: RifleGaming

Real Name: Don’t want to reveal

DOB: 20 years young/ don’t feel comfortable telling my exact birthdate

Game Speciality: Sarcastic guides on “How to be the Best” Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Cod black
ops 2, Minecraft

Favourite Video Game Villain: Joker

Years being a Gamer: Since I was 5 years old playing Pitfall for Sega Genesis

Notable Projects / Collabs: Minecraft (Play with Subcribers)

Company’s Signed With: Machinima

Social Followers: Subscribers  53k

rifle gaming 593x315 Soletron Exclusive: Getting in The Game with RifleGaming


For our readers, please introduce yourself. How did you get into the “game”?
Ever since I was a young lad, I would get achievements, I had no xbox live. I would be looking
up guides to get certain achievements and started to find Rooster teeth, thought this seemed
like fun to create guides on the internet, so decided to make guides, with an addition of my
own little spice to make people laugh, I love entertaining my viewers that is my main reason
why I still continue to know I brighten someone’s day.

What sparked your interest in video games? Was it at a young age or a case of late blooming?
At a young age I started gaming, found interest and been with it ever since. My first favourite
game was, pitfall, growing up with Mario 64, donkey kong country, super Mario kart, all the
old classics.

Everyone has an opinion. What made you want to start a blog and share your interests? How
did it get formed?
Like I said in the beginning I was an “Achievement Hunter” and thought it would be cool if
I created my own “How to” now I cover all the latest easter eggs, secrets, hard achievements,
and I am currently running a never ending series on “How to be the Best” that series is a
sarcastic guide series.

Over how many years did you get your user base?
1 and a half years

Are you a full time gamer? If so, what else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this full
No I am currently going to college for Video Production at the Art Institute, video editing is a
passion, not only a hobby to me but I would like to sometime make a living off it.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you during your career (convention, groupie,
playing etc)
Not really crazy but I enjoy how people look up to me and tell me I changed their day around
by watching my video, how it cheered them up, made them laugh over my stupidity. Some
people are even having a bad day, but when they watch me they think this kid is stupid why
am I having a bad day, when I could be as bad as this kid. Just kidding, haha I hope no one
thinks that of me I just like to think I sometimes put a smirk on people’s faces.

What do your parents think of your gaming career? Are they supportive or do they give you
They are supportive, if it is something I love and am doing good with it, why stop?

Moving on, what are your favourite games to play? If you had to specialize in something other
than your own which one would it be?
Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Black Ops 2, and Minecraft, soon to be Bioshock Infinite!

Let’s just say you could get transported into another dimension. If you could be in any game,
which one would you be in? Specific Character?
Final Fantasy 14 and I would be the character Snow, because he is an adrenaline junky, just
like me.

Every gamer has an experience that makes a game special to them, like fighting an extremely
difficult boss battle only to get in another battle and die two feet away from a save point. Do
you have any memorable gaming moments?
Final fantasy games had me stuck at certain points, especially the final boss of 12. Or
Karstaag on Skyrim for the dlc Dragonborn he was a secret boss and a big pain in my nipples

Are there any gamers or bloggers that you look up to?
My buddy Official Duck Studios we both make similar content, and he enjoys making people
laugh as well

There are a lot of good games that are released. However, a few rotten tomatoes are out
there. Is there a game that you would never play again? If you had to reboot one a game or a
series of games which one and why?
People may hate on me for this, but Dead Space 3 I did not have fun on the game, what so
ever. Yeah I know shame on me..

What’s your favourite / least platform to play on?
Xbox 360, I grew up playing Sega, and enjoyed hunting for achievements.

Blast from the past: Favourite old school game?
My all time favourite game I would play for hours beyond hours, beyond days, beyond

milleniums would be “Zelda Majoras Mask”
Where do you think the industry is going?
Youtube industry? If that is what the question means, I believe it is going to keep getting
bigger and better, so many different famous people started off youtube and will continue to
support youtube.

If you had to give any advice to some new gamers, what would it be?
To play games that you enjoy, don’t waste time playing and finding out what a game is about
or if a friend tells you it is amazing, don’t just go off someones opinion play the game if you
are having fun.