Soletron Exclusive: Getting In The Game With “The Blonde Nerd”


The world of gaming can be a cutthroat world, but guys we know you can’t deny the fact that when a blonde nerd gets into the game, it makes it all worth it!  What can be hotter than a hot blonde chick addicting to gaming?  NOTHING….and that’s why today we’ve brought you an Exclusive Soletron Interview with “The Blonde Nerd” herself, aka Britt Brombacher.

The Blonde Nerd 3 tpkrbd Soletron Exclusive: Getting In The Game With The Blonde Nerd

(Courtesy of Britt Brombacher)


Name: Haha, admittedly I kinda dislike my online handle, but it’s Britt5091. I chose it when I was really young and needing a screen name for AIM and it just kind of stuck. Others refer to me as “The Blonde Nerd” as well!

Real Name: Britt Brombacher.

DOB: 05/21/1988

Game Specialty:  I live for drawn-out JRPG  battles. Y’know, those battles that last over 45 minutes and you’re often *this* close to dying but in the end you prevail…oh yeah. Good stuff.

Favorite Video Game Villain:  Y’know, the thing about this question is I don’t really like ANY villain because, well, they’re the bad guy! But seeing as I grew up with the Zelda franchise, watching Ganon evolve throughout the years has always been interesting. “I wonder how much more piggy-ish he’ll be this game!”

Platform: Oh, this is a toughie. As of late it’s been the Xbox 360, but I’ll always have so much love for my PS2.

Years being a Gamer:  21.

Notable Projects / Collabs:   Let’s see – I host the We’re Not Dead podcast (fan podcast about the zombie audio drama “We’re Alive”), have a monthly cameo on the “In The Room” podcast and often times host contests for various outlets. I love working with different companies!

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(Courtesy of Britt Brombacher)


For our readers, please introduce yourself.  How did you get into the “game”?

My grandma! My grandma and most everyone on my dad’s side of the family are – and for the lack of a better word– “hardcore” gamers. I have vivid memories of my grandma giving me A Link to the Past tips and my aunts helping me with Donkey Kong Country. She would often watch me during the summer, so I was always exposed to the latest and greatest in the gaming world.

What sparked your interest in video games? Was it at a young age or a case of late blooming?

I started gaming around the age of four or five, after my grandma bought me a SNES. I think one of the first games I ever played was Super Mario World, and after that my obsession with gaming exploded all over my family’s faces. There were many expensive Christmases and birthdays.

Everyone has an opinion. What made you want to start a blog and share your interests? How did it get formed?

In mid-2009 I found myself pretty unhappy with my (then) job, and I felt like my life wasn’t going anywhere – like I wasn’t working towards anything. I have always enjoyed writing, so one random afternoon I found a wild hair up my you-know-what and wrote a blog titled “Just a Gaming Chick Venting” (cringe) on IGN under my account, Britt5091. God, it was terrible, but it’s what gave me a taste of the blogging bug and soon after I was hooked.

Over how many years did you get your user base?

Hmmm…about 2.5!

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(Courtesy of Britt Brombacher)

Are you a full time gamer? If so, what else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this full time?

If you’re asking if gaming is my actual job, then the answer is no. I run my own social media marketing business. But I would absolutely LOVE to game for a living and get paid to blog every day! Maaaan, talk about a dream job.

What do your parents think of your gaming career? Are they supportive or do they give you hell?

They’re totally supportive – that doesn’t mean they understand WTF I’m doing, but I think they get a kick out of it. “So, Britt, how’s that bleached nerd website thing you run going?” And they always keep an eye out for video games wherever they go.

Moving on, what are your favorite games to play?

After many moons of gaming, I have to say I’ve come to the conclusion that I live for story-based games. Gameplay is important of course, but as long as the game has a kickass story and manageable controls I’m in.

Let’s just say you could get transported into another dimension. If you could be in any game, which one would you be in?  Specific Character?

Oooh I LOVE this question. I’ve often pondered this before, and hands-down I’d want to live in Ocarina of Time. Sure there wouldn’t be much to do for entertainment except break pots, kill Cuccos and traverse dungeons but MAN it would be fun. I’d be Link, and I’d try to form a relationship with Malon or something.

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(Courtesy of Britt Brombacher)

Every gamer has an experience that makes a game special to them, like fighting an extremely difficult boss battle only to get in another battle and die two feet away from a save point. Do you have any memorable gaming moments?

I have many! The most recent one would have to be the final boss battle in Enchanted Arms. Or I should say the final, like, twelve battles in a row you have to endure WITHOUT saving, healing or stocking up on items. I wasn’t expecting it to go down that way, and I *think* one of the battles alone (all turn-based, mind you) lasted over an hour. BUT I WAS SUCCESSFUL.

Are there any gamers or bloggers that you look up to?

I friggen’ LOVE Jim Sterling. He’s a writer for Destructoid, and I admire his voice, writing style and sense of humor. And damn, that guy knows this industry so well. I always get a kick out reading Nathan Grayson’s work as well. Funny, funny dude.

There are a lot of good games that are released.  However, a few rotten tomatoes are out there. Is there a game that you would never play again? If you had to reboot one a game or a series of games which one and why?

GOD, YES. Orphen: Scion of Sorcery left a very sour taste in my mouth, and typically it’s hard for me to dislike something, but yeah, no bueno. If I could reboot a series it’d have to be Final Fantasy because let’s be honest, that series has derailed and has lost that magical somethin’-somethin’ about it.

What’s your favorite / least platform to play on?

Admittedly I have playing the Xbox 360 a LOT, I just find the controller so much more comfy than anything else. (Which is funny, because I used to rave about PS3’s DualShock but then I got old and crippled.) I really don’t have a least favorite platform! (Although it does get old trying to get those NES carts to work by blowin’ on them…)

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(Courtesy of Britt Brombacher)

Blast from the past:  Favorite old school game?

EarthBound. EarthBound a million times over. I’m so stoked to hear it’s finally coming to the Wii U Virtual Console in America!

Where do you think the industry is going?

Man, where isn’t the industry going? Sometimes I feel like it’s going in a million different directions. “Let’s try more advanced motion control!” “What about virtual reality?” “Let’s turn an entire living room into a level!” “More 3D!” “Let’s focus on PRETTIER GRAPHICS!” But when it comes down to it, all I want is my controller , my couch and my video game. Screw all of the fancy-pants stuff.

If you had to give any advice to some new gamers, what would it be?

If said new gamers would like to break into the industry, then I would encourage them to write, and write every day. Start up a blog. Network. Write, write, write. But if these new gamers are just wanting to game for the fun of it, I have one word for you. Er, three: Final Fantasy IX.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with Soletron. We wish you all the best in the future. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Soletron Exclusive: Getting In The Game With “The Blonde Nerd”