Soletron Exclusive: Interview with Dashius Clay


Recently Soletron was lucky enough to catch up with a unique up and coming artist named Dashius Clay. Dashius has a style like no other as his music has elements from nearly every genre. Dashius is a hard working individual who has a great appreciation and respect for music and the art of entertainment. Regardless of what type of music you like, Dashius Clay has something to offer everyone. Be sure to check out Dashius’ blog where you can hear his music, watch his videos, and keep up with what he’s doing. Enjoy the interview and make sure you show Dashius some love!


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What one artist has inspired you the most? 

Me. I like to look back and see my accomplishments and what I have been able to create so far. I have been given nothing, helped by nobody, and been self-taught for just about everything I do. Other artists have major labels, grammy award winning teams, half naked models with their logos on their ass, etc. I have done it completely with my own budgets, my own creativeness, my own dreams, everything. I pride myself in being so hands on and so detailed that it has gotten to the point where I just feel like a machine at times.

Who are some of your favorite musicians/artists?

My favorite musicians are all over the map. I have always greatly admired Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Sade, Miles Davis, Kanye, RHCP, plenty more to go. I’m everyone’s biggest fan because of how much I appreciate what they contribute and how they always elevate from any previous body of work they deliver. There are so many outlets for artists to go through now a days that they are everywhere! There are unlimited untapped sources of talent at the same time, that everyday you hear new names and new sounds. I love it and am truly inspired by it.

Your music spans across several different genres. What is your favorite type of music?

 It just depends on my mood and what my surroundings are. I wouldn’t necessarily go into the studio with my heart broken and make a house record, but then again that could very well end up happening. I’m just one of those go with the flow type of artists when I’m working, but I listen to just about everything out there. I use to really dislike country music cause I thought it was a little too plain for me, but the more I have had to work with new artists, the more I get to see its true beauty and how powerful it is. At the end of the day I want to be a part of something on a larger scale. I don’t want to be defined or put into a box, therefore all are my favorite genres. Maybe I might even venture into a little polka in the future, who the fuck really knows.


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What motivates you and what inspires you to write your music?

Lately it’s all about the sounds I can get my hands on. When I hear something that instantly puts me in a setting I run with it. I love how music can take you anywhere in seconds. It’s the greatest form of medication in my opinion. So many people clothes their eyes and just listen. That’s what I want to capture in every record I make. The ability we have today to mix sounds and really formulate our own schemes is priceless. One day I’m making a record for the dance clubs that sounds like a retro Euro song, and then later on I can bubble a spanish record that makes u feel like your in the middle of South America. Once the music is set, writing is just coloring and adding details to the image. I have been working with this amazing amazing songwriter Fader Lima who in my opinion is the best there is. She has been teaching me new ways to write and create melodies, so my writing has gotten ten times better and easier to be honest. I just have so much to say and share, its tough to narrow it down into words.

What’s your favorite part of being an entertainer? Song writing, performing, or producing?

As much as I want to say producing and writing is really my favorite part, performing is where its at for me. To be in front of thousands and just let loose is magical. Nothing can compare to seeing all those eyes on you and having them be affected in whatever way from my music. It’s addicting to have that kind of power to make that many people smile, laugh, cry, think, or whatever the case may be. I’m just blessed and want to continue to please more people. It’s the fuel to my passion.

What is your favorite song verse of all time and why?

That’s like saying who is your favorite child, so I cant give you an answer. My verses might get jealous and start fighting. I love them all so much. Everything I write is so genuine that they end up sounding like a personal diary. I love being able to listen to older songs and remember where I was mentally at that point in time. Even with my projects, if you really listen close you can hear when I was at my happiest, when i was heartbroken, when I wanted to make a change, and so on. 

What do you feel was the best live performance you’ve given and why?

We did a show last year for Del The Funk Homosapien that was ridiculous. It was amazing to see that my music even crosses over into that genre and fan base. To see and hear thousands of people singing along with records and really interacting with them was extraordinary to me. It’s when you least expect things that makes moments so magical in my opinion. I never would of thought I would of had that much fun before, during, and after the show. I would really like to give all the reasons why, but I’m not sure if this is an X-Rated interview.


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What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Think about working. I don’t waste time for anyone, not even myself. My spare time consists of finding new sounds, locations, interacting with other artists, and just creating ideas for the next step. I enjoy photography a lot as well. I have a really keen eye for bringing out the beauty in normal day objects I guess you could say. I have been thinkin of putting together a scrap book of all my travels and shots, but its just a thought for now. Maybe 2013 or after we can see that being released. Other than that I just love to be in new places and with beautiful women.

For people who aren’t familiar with you, what three words best describe Dashius Clay?

Not Like Them.

What would you say to haters and doubters?

We are not on speaking terms.

If you could collaborate with any artist from any time period, who would it be and why?

I have always had this dream to do Sade’s final album. I still have some time to make it happen, but when it does, just know that I will have the most serious game face known to man. It wont be easy because I have so many ideas that I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I would probably start by pulling out every instrument known to man.

Are you working on any new mixtapes or an album?

I don’t like giving too much insight on projects anymore until I’m at least halfway through. I put a lot of planning into each process, so for the most part I just feel like talking about them kind of kills what I’m trying to deliver. The only thing I have made public is that I am back in the studio with Justincredible so everyone’s wish for “Blue Dream 2″ is a possibility.


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Soletron Exclusive: Interview with Dashius Clay