Soletron Exclusive: SL Jones Speaks About “Way Of Life No Hobby,” Metro Boomin And Arkansas (Video)


SL Jones 05 hkmcqc Soletron Exclusive: SL Jones Speaks About Way Of Life No Hobby, Metro Boomin And Arkansas (Video)

Little Rock Arkansas is known more for gang banging than it is for music. It’s no shock that it would take a artist who could walk the line between having street credibility and being lyrical to make people stand-up and take notice of “The Rock.”

That artist is SL Jones. Jonesy has been making a name for himself on the underground scene for years. He made his way to Atlanta via Killer Mike and his Grind Time Click. After learning his way around the city of Atlanta with Mike and working on his craft, SL set off to make a name on his own.

His last 2 mixtapes, the M-16 produced “Trappers Delight” and his current project, “Way Of Life No Hobby” produced by Metro Boomin give you a glimpse into the mind of a lyrically advanced trap star. Both projects have made him a fan favorite in both the traps and the cool places that the hipsters hang.

He still has a way to go before his talent makes it’s way to the mainstream. So ike hundreds of other artists in Atlanta this past weekend, SL is out here at the A3C to build his name and fan base.

Before his set at the Leaders Of The New Cool showcase in Atlanta, SL spoke to Soletron about his new mixtape, his unique sound and how much Little Rock Arkansas means to him.

Soletron: Speak to us about your new mixtape, “Way Of Life, No Hobby

SL Jones: It’s a documentation of a trill young nigga trying to get it.You get the good, the bad, the not so real. Its everything from how I feel to things my mama told me growing up.

Soletron: You got some major features on the project. How was you able to land some of the names that you did?

SL Jones:Sometimes you haven’t seen certain people in a movie together because they haven’t gotten the right script yet. This project just really made sense for everybody who was featured on it. I got my homie Mibbs, Kevin Gates, Killer Mike. I got Trouble from DTE on there. I got Starlito on it. I appreciate all of them for jumping on it and making it the best that it could be.

SL Jones xihxpa Soletron Exclusive: SL Jones Speaks About Way Of Life No Hobby, Metro Boomin And Arkansas (Video)

Soletron: How did you get Metro Boomin to come on and produced the whole project?

SL Jones: I’ve been knowing him since high school. We have mutual people that we fuck with. It was one of those things where we locked in a did a few songs and right off the bat we just knew. We didn’t have to do it a ll bunch of times to get it right. We did a couple songs on my tape, “Flight Risk” and it was like “yikes.” He graduated, came to the A and we got it in.

Soletron: I spoke with M-16 who produced your “Trappers Delight” mixtape. He described your style or rap as “Trap hipster.” What would you call your style.

sljones1 wdjepz Soletron Exclusive: SL Jones Speaks About Way Of Life No Hobby, Metro Boomin And Arkansas (Video)

SL Jones: I’m an artist of this generation, but I’ve been around a lot of O.G.’s. I guess that’s where that comes from. I got a old soul. I could be talking about some shit you might be like, “damn, how he know about that?” I was really around that. I really experienced that. I was really brought up around that and everyone around me was solid. That doesn’t mean that my sound is going to sound like back then, because I’m out now. I’m like a hybrid.

Soletron: Are we going to see you working with M-16 again in the future?

SL Jones: M-16, that’s my dog. We’re about to get back in asap. I feel like I make some of my dopest music with him. I love working with him, it just fits.

Soletron: When people think Little Rock Arkansas, they don’t think hip-hop first. What was it like trying to break out as an artist from Little Rock.

SL Jones: I love the Rock. It’s tough love. When the Rock get behind you, you know you’ve made it. That don’t just rock with you just because you’re rapping. There’s alot of people in Little Rock doing their thing. We got Lothrax, Earl Westbrook. Pepperboy. There’s hella artists. No disrespect to anybody I didn’t name. I named them because I really see them grinding like I grind. And they didn’t leave. They still in town doing what they do.

We all got to fuck with each other and make sure that our city is presented in the right way and not let egos get in the way and have people turn us on each other and have people slick hating. I dont care who you meet, everybody from Arkansas got hella pride. Everybody happy to be from Arkansas, nobody wants to be from anywhere else.

To help pave the way and to help carve out a lane for our city, I’m humbled. If not me, who.

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Soletron Exclusive: SL Jones Speaks About “Way Of Life No Hobby,” Metro Boomin And Arkansas (Video)