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Welcome back folks. Today we bring you an exclusive, never before seen interview with DormtainmentTV! We’re glad to have them here.dormtainmenttv following e1363394828543 Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: DormtainmentTV

Youtube Name
: DormtainmentTV
DOB: Group formed in 2009
From: Atlanta, GA
Comedy Genre: Sketch Comedy, Parodies, Music Videos and Street Stunts
Partners/Collaborations: The No Budget Gourmet w/ Celebrity Chef Brian Hill
Favorite Video: AS$ on the Internet
Highest Viewed Video: Harlem Shake
Social Follower Metrics: 40 Million + Views

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What sparked your interest in creating your Youtube channel? Was it at a young age or a case of late blooming?
“Dormtainment got its start as a Facebook page. We uploaded videos as a way to meet girls. After receiving 200 comments we decided to launch a YouTube Channel in 2009. Most of us were college students at the time.”

Everyone has an opinion. What made you want to start a blog and share your interests? How did it get formed?
“Our fans like to keep up with us so we use it to share info about our college dates where we perform a live comedy show. We use it as a way to reach out to our fans.”

Over how many years did you get your user base?
“We first launched our YouTube channel in 2009 and we accumulated 15 million views. Then we go flagged, we’re not sure why but we lost our channel and over a years worth of content. We then got invited back to YouTube through our partner Fullscreen and in 2 years we have amassed 40 Million plus views and growing.”

 Are you a full time YouTube entertainer? If not, what other part time jobs do you do?
“At first we were part-time YouTube Entertainers but as our fan base grew we decided to make it a full time business. We actually have all quit our day jobs and we now run our YouTube like a business with full time hours. All six of our members have a job to do. We now work like a well-oiled machine.”

dormtainment looking down tv Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: DormtainmentTV

What else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this full time?
“We’d all still be working our boring jobs that we really didn’t like. Well except for Chaz, he was a personal masseuse. As long as there are women that need a body massage he’ll probably never quit.”

 What is the craziest thing that happened to you during your career? (interviews, production mishaps, fans).
“The very first day we met our current talent manager we came home and found out we were about to be evicted. Not long after that our video Straight Outta Dunwoody went viral and was on the Today Show. Then we traveled to NY and LA and signed with an agency and met with TV networks. That was crazy.”

What do your parents think of your video career? Are they supportive or do they give you hell? 
“At first our parents didn’t take it seriously. I don’t think we even took it seriously; it just sort of happened and grew into a big thing. Now our parents support all of us and they are really excited about the opportunities we now have.”

Coolest thing about being in your industry that an outsider won’t know about?
“YouTube is it’s own subculture. We get a chance to connect with other YouTubers and we get to go to events and meet a lot of cool people. We have amazing die-hard fans. Real fans. We never even thought that could be possible. Like we didn’t know we could make a living doing comedy. It’s like the Wild West…Anything is possible.”

Moving on, what are your favorite subjects to feature? If you had to specialize in another content section other than your own what would it be?
“We love to create comedy around things that average, everyday people can relate to. We also like to have fun with all things pop culture – like our video AS$ On the Internet. We were spoofing the way girls put images of their body parts online.” 

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What is your favorite YouTube video excluding something you produced?
“We have so many but one of our favorites is “Awkward Black Girl”. Issa Rae’s writing and production value is really tight.”

Who else do you respect in the industry?
“There’s a lot of cool YouTubers doing their thing but one of our favorites is Issa Rae.”

Where do you think the digital media industry is going?
“It’s growing in so many ways. It’s the new cable TV and the possibilities are endless. It’s probably just a matter of time before big industry locks it down and there won’t be as much freedom as there is now.”

What advice can you give to someone starting out as a YouTube personality? Any tricks of the trade?

We’ve learned that doing things that people can relate to catches their attention. Also being consistent. We drop a new video every Sunday at 7pm so our fans know to expect something new. It’s also important to stay on top of everything current and pop culture.”

What is the funniest practical joke/prank you have pulled?
“Probably Fckng with Chaz. It started off as a joke we were popping out of car trunks, his closet, the train and attacking him with pillows filled with powder…we shot it and went viral.”

 Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: DormtainmentTV

How do you think your fans perceive you? In other words, what is your looking glass self?
“We think they see us as the regular guys that we are and we believe they love us because they can relate to us. They really want to see us succeed and we appreciate that. We want to get better for them!”

If you could have any person dead or alive to be your mentor, who would it be?
“Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock would be at the top of the list.”

Appreciate you taking the time with  We always have your back here, and wish you the best in your career. 
“Hey Soletron, thank you for checking out Dormtainment. Please check us out on YouTube/DormtainmentTV, and check out the new show “The No Budget Gourmet with celebrity chef Brian Hill. We’re producing the funniest cooking/sketch comedy show online for Tracey Edmonds and Robert L. Johnson’s new digital network AlrightTV. It will air July 2013. Please tell your fans that we also have a live college show and we’d love to come to their school!”


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Image Source: Dormtainmenttv

Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: DormtainmentTV