Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Just For Laughs (video)


Trending Beasts, the Soletron humor series, continues! Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Carlos Pacheco, digital director of hidden camera prank shows JFL Gags and Just Kidding Kids Pranks, which broadcast on major TV networks all over the world, such as Disney and BBC Kids.

Just for laughs social following Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Just For Laughs (video)


Youtube Name: Just for Laughs Gags
Real Name: Carlos Pacheco, Digital Director
DOB: The Gags TV show first aired in 2000
From: Montreal, Canada
Comedy Genre: Hidden Camera Prank Show
Partners/Collaborations: Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival
Highest Viewed Video: Sexy Bikini Nun
Social Follower Metrics: 54,000 on Facebook, 5,600 on Twitter, 3,800 on Google+

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What sparked your interest in creating your YouTube channel?
A few years ago the producers of the Gags TV show had planned to launch their own streaming website but soon realized that the hosting costs were too prohibitive so the company started to upload their content on YouTube.

Over how many years did you get your user base?
The YouTube channel was initially setup and launched with a few videos in 2007 but the Gags only started uploading releasing its massive library of prank clips on YT in 2011

Are you a full time Youtube entertainer?
We are still a television production and distribution studio. We currently film and
produce two hidden camera shows, JFL Gags that’s been broadcasted all over the world on almost all major TV networks as well as our latest series Just Kidding Kids Pranks which has recently picked up by Disney and BBC Kids.

Just for laughs social staff pranskster woman Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Just For Laughs (video)

What else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this full time?
I’m sure the producers of the show would be getting into real trouble if they didn’t have this outlet for their “creativity”. J

What is the craziest thing that happened to you during your career?
When you are filming hidden camera pranks on the street its very normal to have crazy things happening almost all the time. Our actors often get attacked or harassed by prank victims who didn’t find it funny to be pranked or don’t realize that it’s a prank.

Coolest thing about being in your industry that an outsider won’t know about?
No pants day!

Moving on, what are your favorite subjects to feature? If you had to specialize in another content section other than your own what would it be?
Well to tell the truth, at the office we’re all huge fans of Keanu Reeves so we’d probably make content and parodies based on his movies.

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What is your favorite YouTube video excluding something you produced?
The latest videos of goats that scream like humans, freaking hilarious!

Who else do you respect in the industry?
Well we recently collaborated with Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady and had the chance to see how they work and that really impressed us, they are content machines, extremely focused at what they do. We were able to learn from them and I hope they were able to learn from us.

Roman atwood just for laughs gags Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Just For Laughs (video)

Where do you think the digital media industry is going?
I know it sounds cliché but YouTube is really changing things in both the entertainment world and the social web. Bloggers have become vloggers, everybody talks about Facebook & Twitter as the go to social networks and seem to forget just how much engagement there is in YouTube. Hollywood is definitely taking notice, we’re seeing more and more A list directors, actors and comedians jump onto YouTube and that’s only going to grow.

What advice can you give to someone starting out as a YouTube personality? Any tricks of the trade?
Don’t look for the quick fix, there are are no tricks, do what you love, talk about what you love and share it. Be sincere in your content, keep producing, keep at it and engage with your audience because they will help you evolve and if you listen to your true fans (not the trolls) they will stick with you and help you grow. Success isn’t overnight on YouTube

What is the funniest practical joke/prank you have pulled?
We’re at over 2,800 hundred pranks right now on YouTube and not even close to stopping so just picking one is VERY tough. The elaborate/smart ones are probably some of our best: Pink Elephant, Caught Cheating with a Sexy Girl, Strongest Girl in the World.

How do you think your fans perceive you. In other words, what is your looking-glass self?
I think our fans perceive us as a fun and creative team which is basically what are.
There is hard work but its also fun and playful.

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If you could have any person dead or alive to be your mentor, who would it be?
Monty Python is a big inspiration to the creators of this series

Appreciate you taking the time with We always have your back here, and wish you the best in your career.

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Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Just For Laughs (video)