Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)


I look out over the city, through the glass pane into the winter sky. I see clouds and impending rain. I look at my computer screen and see a bright horizon of humor. It’s an exciting time for Soletron. Starting today and striding forward into the coming weeks and months, Soletron will be bring you exclusive-like-you’ve-never-read-this-shiz-before interviews with Youtube’s top comedians, pranksters, satirists and all-around funny personalities. Anyone and everyone who tunes into Soletron will have first hand access to interviews with their favorite Youtube stars.

Let’s get this horse and pony show on the road. We sat down with Roman Atwood. Or should is say THE Roman Atwood. This cat has 123,091,534 video views, and we are beyond stoked to highlight him as the vanguard of Soletron’s Trending Beasts series.

roman atwood 1 Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)Stats

Youtube Name: RomanAtwood
Real Name: Roman Atwood
DOB: 5/28/83
From: Columbus, Oh
Comedy Genre: Entertainment/Comedy
Partners/Collaborations: Dennis Roady (Seen in all my pranks)
Favorite Video:  Letter B Prank (see below)
Social Follower Metrics: 50k facebook followers; 11k Instagram; 5k Twitter
Present Youtube Following:  781,375 followers. 123,091,534 views.

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What sparked your interest in creating your Youtube channel? Was it at a young age or a case of late blooming?

“I had filmed for a long time before I started my Youtube channel. I think I eventually just needed a place to put my crap. Definitely a late bloomer.”

Everyone has an opinion. What made you want to start a blog and share your interests? How did it get formed?

“Believe it or not, Dennis and I met through a craigslist ad I posted about people wanting to film on a every week basis for my channel. I used my YouTube channel as a way to keep on track and upload a new video every single Tuesday. At that time I was making sketch comedy videos along with working full time at a Rope Factory. Never missed a week in over 2.5 years.”

Vlogging With Strangers Prank Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)

Over how many years did you get your user base?

“It took me 1.5 years to get 40k Subscribers! That’s a video every week for 1.5 years. Just this year alone I’ve gained over 740k Subscribers. Im less than 2 months away from 1 million. Finally :)”

Are you a full time Youtube entertainer? If not, what other part time jobs do you do?

“I worked at a Rope Factory for 12 years full time before my Youtube channel took over. Now I do Youtube full time. Thank God!  I never thought I’d be doing this for a living. It just took off over night… After 1.5 years of weekly videos.”

roman atwood e1362505361153 Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)

What else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this full time?

“There would probably be multiple people dragging me by my legs back to the factory.”

What is the craziest thing that happened to you during your career? (interviews, production mishaps, fans)

“Dennis getting arrested for one of our Pee Prank videos. We had a four hour hearing including witnesses and movie style court room for this. After four hours the Judge looked up at the prosecutor and said, “Isn’t what these guys are doing a form of art? Isn’t that protected by our constitution as freedom of speech?” It was one of the greatest feeling when he said that. The Cop got beat red and stormed out of the court room. Lol. We walked free.”

pee prank e1362505431806 Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)

What do your parents think of your video career? Are they supportive or do they give you Hell?

“My parents are so supportive I wouldn’t be surprised if they have made 800k Youtube accounts just to make me fell better. They are the best of the best!”

Coolest thing about being in your industry that an outsider won’t know about?

“Probably how boring the videos look until after they are edited. Haha. I’ve had fans come out to film and they think it will be so crazy and fun. Then they realize that the 2 minute videos they watch on Youtube take me day/days to make. Lol”

epic pee prank arrest e1362505599638 Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)

Moving on, what are your favorite subjects to feature? If you had to specialize in another content section other than your own what would it be?

“Dennis and I are pranksters at heart, always the up to something. Pranks are our favorite to feature. I have always had a strange passion for filming Music videos or even short films. Maybe one day I will attempt to tackle that genre.”

What is your favorite Youtube video excluding something you produced?

“That is a tough one. One that instantly comes to mind is “Make it Count” I am all about motivation and always being super positive. Something about this video always makes me want to take off! Like a jet.”

Who else do you respect in the industry?

“I love all the guys doing this day in and day out. Guys like VitalyzdTv who is killing it right now! Jesse and Jeana from PrankvsPrank,They never stop and have always worked to the max on their channels. Jackvale and Edbassmaster who are legends on the tube! Tom Mabe is like my Dad in the Prank world, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met.”

Where do you think the digital media industry is going?

“I think what we are seeing now is only the start. Digital is already taking over! Even TV is starting to make the move. Hopefully at least for my sake I’m right.”

director roman atwood Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)

What advice can you give to someone starting out as a Youtube personality? Any tricks of the trade?

“My best advice is be consistent! Upload as regular as you can but still manage Quality over Quantity. Don’t fall in love with your own videos. If it sucks don’t post it!”

What is the funniest practical joke/prank you have pulled?

“‘Epic Pee Prank on Cops.’ That video had to be our biggest prank. So simple yet nobody had ever seen it done before, let alone in front of police officers.Took four days to film. Got us a District wide email to all the police officers That we lived in Columbus and to catch us doing something! Haha. We later learned this from some cop fans.”

How do you think your fans perceive you. In other words, what is your looking-glass self?

“Most my viewers see me as a Crazy College guy who smokes a lot of pot. Lol. The HUGE shock is when they find out I’m 30 with a whole family including two boys, 8 and 1.”

If you could have any person dead or alive to be your mentor, who would it be?

“Adam Sander is still to date one of my favorite people that I would love to meet! Let alone be a mentor. As far as pranks go I would love to get some tips from the amazing Remi Gillard.”

roman atwood trophy Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)

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Soletron Exclusive Trending Beasts: Roman Atwood (video)