Soletron Honey of the Day – Imogen Lovell (HOTTIE DOWN UNDER)


Today’s Soletron Honey of the Day is MEGA HOTTIE Imogen Lovell. This 23 year old is representing out of Australia! Is this perfection? Her boobs are so incredible that she get a works out “every time I put my bra strap on.”  Have to love that. Don’t be fooled gents by her looks. What really turns her on is being a gentlemen.  Opening doors, getting her chair etc.  Looks like chivalry will still get some hotties today. Let’s check this sexy goddess out below.

IMG 7145 Soletron Honey of the Day   Imogen Lovell (HOTTIE DOWN UNDER)


Name: Imogen Lovell

Age: 23

Born: 7.7.1989

Ethnicity: Australian

Relationship Status: Engaged

Height: 171cm

Weight: 51kg

Dimensions: 35, 24,33


What do you look for in a guy?

I don’t look and when i was looking it wasn’t really looks it was personality more then anything!!! u can be the hottest guy in the world n have the shittest personality n it such a turn off…

What type of guy do you normally go after?

A charismatic guy that likes to have fun and treats women with respect and can stand on his own two feet.

IMG 7039 Soletron Honey of the Day   Imogen Lovell (HOTTIE DOWN UNDER)

Secret Fantasy:

I’m not the kind of girl that kisses and tells but maybe on the other hand I could be living my secret fantasy every night  ;P

How often do you work out?

I tone up every time I put my bra strap on.. jokes I try work out as much as possible when im not travelling so I aim for 3 times a week but I don’t always make it to the gym I like to find fun exciting ways to exercise

Craziest thing that happened at one of your photo shoots?

A crazy fan stole all my bikinis at one of my beach shoots it was so quick and there were so many people standing round watching and taking pictures we didn’t know who stole them all and I was topless at the time doing implied nude shots with only bottoms on eeekkkk..

Are you a shoeaholic?

I cant help myself I love shopping I think every girl does but only when I have money to buy everything cause I cant help myself I want everything

What kind of style do you look for in a guy?

A clean, neat and tidy guy I like my guy to be in new clothes looking his best and fresh as…

What article of men’s clothing do you wish was social acceptable for females to where?

Their briefs I love wearing guys briefs there so comfy

Turn offs?

Sleezy guys and over confident in them self such a turn off

Favorite thing you like a guy to do for / to you?

Be a gentlemen, open the door for me and push my chair in its so sweet and so rare these days

Oldest / Youngest Guy you would date?

Age is only a number if you got what I want then I want you…

Ethnic preference?

I don’t have one as long as im treated like a princess

IMG 6925 Soletron Honey of the Day   Imogen Lovell (HOTTIE DOWN UNDER)

Favorite Position?

Do I dare kiss and tell…… yeeeeharrrrrr ;P lol

Craziest thing you did for a guy?

Wrapped myself in a bow naked and told him to come and unwrap his present.

Craziest thing you asked a guy to do for you?

Pose naked for my own personal photoshoot lol

Why should you be the Soletron chick of the month?

Because im a down to earth aussie girl always searching for my titles to add to my belt ;P

Appreciate you taking the time with


Images Provided by Imogen Lovell

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Soletron Honey of the Day – Imogen Lovell (HOTTIE DOWN UNDER)