Soletron Honey Of The Day – Jennifer Brown


Sneakerheads, fashionistas, information enthusiast, and …(I ran out of clever people to name), today I bring forth to you yet another Soletron Honey Of The Day. Check out Jennifer Brown in this issue as we probe through her mind with some fun interview questions. Maybe one day you can get a girl like this if you pay attention. Don’t look at me like that. I’m just saying.

But here goes.

01 Soletron Honey Of The Day   Jennifer Brown


Name: Jennifer Brown

Age: guess??

Born: Illinios

Ethnicity: white

Relationship Status: In a serious relationship

Height: 5’5

Weight: 103 lbs

Dimensions: 34-24-34

13 Soletron Honey Of The Day   Jennifer Brown

What do you look for in a guy? Hmmm well I have to say one that has morals and stands by them… someone who is not easly led or manipulated …. I like men who take charge

What type of guy do you normally go after? Manly !! LOL

Secret Fantasy: Then it wouldn’t be a secret. But I’ll give a little just for Soletron  would have to say, being on a beach somewhere totally alone and naked with my guy,

How often do you work out? About once a week

Craziest thing that happened at one of your photo shoots? Well.. my photographer needed construction images for an ad he was doing…. So we stopped at a construction site that was currently empty… half way thru the shoot… the cops showed up… I was dressed in a really skimpy outfit…. They let us go with a warning but I know they thought I was a hooker LOL

33 Soletron Honey Of The Day   Jennifer Brown

Are you a shoeaholic? YES

What about a sneakerhead? What’s your favorite kicks? Honestly I hate sneakers…. Give me heels or boots anyday… around the yard at home… I wear my socks !

What kind of style do you look for in a guy? Casual… laid back… I have never found suits attractive…. They just come across as stuffy to me… I love a man in jeans and a tshirt

What article of men’s clothing do you wish was social acceptable for females to where? None … I’ ll keep my girly cloths and you guys can keep yours J unless it’s a tshirt to sleep in … now that I like

Turn offs? Men who are fake….

128 Soletron Honey Of The Day   Jennifer Brown

Favorite thing you like a guy to do for / to you? Lol scratch my backside with the stubble on his chin or face

Oldest / Youngest Guy you would date? My age and a few years older

Ethnic preference? I like all good people

Favorite Position? Havent found one I didn’t like yet

Craziest thing you did for a guy? I once helped a guy rebuild a motor in his 79 Trans Am..for me… that was crazy ! but I did learn a lot especially about qaudrajet carborators J

Craziest thing you asked a guy to do for you? Years ago I had pulled over because there was something flying around in my car… this nice gentleman stopped … and found a big palmetto bug in my car… I wouldnt get back in until he got it out… poor guy !

I love the way Soletron helps new artists….helps them help eachother … keeps the information flowing…


Soletron Honey Of The Day – Jennifer Brown