Soletron Honey Of The Day – Rali Ivanova, Deadly


I know you’v been waiting for it, so here goes. Today we introduce you all to yet another Soletron Honey Of The Day by the name of Rali Ivanova.  Boy is she a looker. And with time winding down for the Honey Of The Month, she’s going to make this extremely hard for us. Or will she?

We got the opportunity to sit down with her and delve into her mind a little bit. After all, we do care right?


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Name: Rali Ivanova
Age: 27
Born: Varna,Bulgaria
Ethnicity: Bulgarian
Relationship Status: taken
Height: 5’5
Weight: 118lbs
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Interview Questions

How long have you been modeling?

over 10 years now

You have been featured in practically anything under the sun.  Just to name a few: Maxim Espanol, American Curves Magazine, Ultimate MMA, Muscle Mag, Planet Muscle & many more.  Which shoot was the most special for you?

Probably Shooting for the cover of MAXIM Bulgaria.  It was such an honor  to be featured on the cover !

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What about one of the craziest thing that happened at one of your photo shoots?

I don’t know if it was the craziest, but it was one of the worst that can happen to a model . I was in California , The photographer told [me] there will not be a make up artist so I have to do my own make up. I said “Sure no problem [because] sometimes I prefer that too “. So we are on the way to the shoot I decided to do my make up at the location so I  have lil extra time to sleep in .We drove for 4 hours in the middle of nowhere and I realized I don ‘t have my make up with me and the first store or gas station was 2 hours away it was horrible , but i had to go and buy couple little thing to make it work  , and we did the pics were  gorgeous !

You are clearly always on the move.  How often do you work out to stay in shape? Any exercises you recommend?

I love to eat, so yes I must workout that’s my job as a model , I work out like 4-5 times a week  ,mixing up cardio and booth camp classes ,also ones a week i juice for 24hours that’s my lil secret !

What is your current relationship status?  Anything on the horizon?
Yep I’m taken … icon smile Soletron Honey Of The Day   Rali Ivanova, Deadly
What do you look for in a guy?

I don’t look  for anything ,because i found what I’m looking for  , but  good looking guys with nice bodies charming smile and sweet personalities always get me attention icon smile Soletron Honey Of The Day   Rali Ivanova, Deadly

How many times a week do you think you get hit on, and what was the craziest pick up line you have ever heard?

Maybe like once a day. The craziest pick up line and the worst I think is when a guys say “I want to drink your toilet water …  ”

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Secret Fantasy?

To have sex on the beach of the most romantic and gorgeous  island ever , of course private beach

What article of men’s clothing do you wish was social acceptable for females to where? 

I think us girls can wear anything , there is nothing more sexier then wearing your boyfriend’s shirt with nothing else under or wearing his shorts around the house topless .
Why should you be the Soletron chick of the month?
You must see my pictures here on my website on my instagram/RaliIvanova and you’ll find out ” WHY” and of course you MUST follow me on


Well there you have it folks. The beautiful Rali Ivanova. Make sure you go to all of her social networking sites to see exactly why she should be Soletron Honey Of The Month. The race to the finish line is upon us having only a few days left. Who will it be?

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Soletron Honey Of The Day – Rali Ivanova, Deadly