Soletron Honey of the Day – Raven Newton (SINGLE)


Sneakerheads, let’s get you through humpweek by highlighting this petite hottie Raven Newtwon.  This 19 year old is representing out of the Sunshine State.  When she isn’t modeling you can catch her belly and go go dancing.  NICE!  If you are a youngster you might have a shot as she is single! Let’s check out her assets below!

DSC 0215 Soletron Honey of the Day   Raven Newton (SINGLE)


Name: Raven Newton

Age: Nineteen

Born: May 13th, 1993

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Relationship Status: Single

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 107 lbs

Dimensions: B Cup, waist size is 32″ and hip size is 28″

Raven Newton 0211 Soletron Honey of the Day   Raven Newton (SINGLE)


What do you look for in a guy:

Some one who is respectful and funny with gorgeous eyes and smile.

What type of guy do you normally go after:

Lately I’ve been going for the man that is full of passion but a bit too over protective.

Secret Fantasy:

To be able to travel the world and go on adventures with a man I am with. I want to explore our bodies on these travels too, if you know what I mean.

How often do you work out:

Every week! I have to stay fit and keep my endurance levels up for fire dancing and other performances.

Raven Newton 0342 Soletron Honey of the Day   Raven Newton (SINGLE)

Craziest thing that happened at one of your photo shoots:

I tripped over a cable walking through the studio to get my drink and knocked over the light stand. I felt so bad that I had broken the lightbulb, the photographer was very nice about it though.

Are you a shoeaholic:

Not at all.

What about a sneakerhead? What’s your favorite kicks: I

‘m not a sneakerhead either; I do like vans and Converse though.

What kinds of style do you look for in a guy:

Just someone who knows how to dress themselves. Usually they look like fresh to death guys or hipster boys. Their style doesn’t really matter to me.

What article of men’s clothing do you wish was social acceptable for females to where:

I can’t really think of anything.

Turn offs:

Clingy feminine type guys. Sometimes I need my space just like he may need it as well. Or when they complain more than me and they just, straight bitch for half an hour.

Favorite thing you like a guy to do for / to you:

Take me out on dates to show the world that I’m his and he is mine. Kisses on my neck and ears gives me goosebumps.

Oldest / Youngest Guy you would date:

The oldest guy I would date is 26, and the youngest would be 18.

Ethnic preference:

No ethnic preference.

Craziest thing you did for a guy:

Let him play with my feet. I find it odd sometimes but it made him happy, so I was happy and decided not to let it bother me anymore.

Craziest thing you asked a guy to do for you:

Travel from Michigan to South Florida to meet me after getting to know each other for years.

Why should you be the Soletron chick of the month:

People think I’m this sweet and innocent little Raven. I work as a hostess during the day and at night a whole new women rises. I become a GOGO dancer, a belly dancer, a singer, model, actress, and a fire performer. While I do all these things, I still do my best to be kind and respectful to others and make the most out of my experiences in life. We only have so long to live young, wild, and free.

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Images Provided by Raven Newton