Soletron Hotties: Charm Killings – Drop Dead Gorgeous


I’m not sure if my brain can really manufacturer the words to express my deep love for women who actually get in the gym. Like, it’s really a turn on in and of itself. And when I say get in the gym, I don’t mean go to the gym, get on the treadmill for 30 seconds, and then take an Instagram pictures in the mirror. I mean actually getting in the gym to maintain their bodies. That’s what intrigues me about our next Soletron Hotties candidate. I can tell by just looking at her body that she actually works out. There is actually tone and definition there. It’s such a beautiful thing. So without further ado Ms. Charm Killings.

Check out what I mean after the jump.

See what I mean?

Soletron Hotties: Charm Killings – Killings In The Afternoon