Soletron Hotties: Heather Bianchi


Hola amigos! Como estas hoy? That’s cool, I’m doing pretty good myself as well. Thanks for asking. And in the words of Remy Ma we were “gone for a minute” now we’re “back with the jumpoff” Our next Soletron Hottie candidate is one of the hottest yet! I mean she’s so hot that she could probably melt all of your M&M’s in your pocket while in the freezer. And I don’t know about you, but there is something really sexy about having my M&M’s melted.

Anywho…check out the beautiful Miss Heather Bianchi, right now after the jump.

Twitter: @HeatherBianchi

If I was into marriage, I’d totally marry her.

Soletron Hotties: Heather Bianchi