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Hey What’s up Soletron! We’re back with another exclusive Passport Artist. This one is Froidz. He’s a house producer/DJ who got his start DJing in big name clubs. Now he makes the hits that get played in those same big name clubs. He makes headstomping music that makes you want to lose your mind. Get familiar with Froidz!

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Artist name: Froidz

Real name: Jens Ophälders

Hometown: Krefeld (Germany)

D.O.B.: June 13th

Genre: House

Label affiliation: YAWA Recordings

Signature work/known for: Froidz – “Finally” / Froidz – “Domino”

Collaborations: with Michael Mind Project or Rico Bernasconi

Influences: Well, no one special. Or in other words: it changes a lot who influences me!

Social Following stats: Facebook

Favorite place to perform: a good club with a banging soundsystem and crazy people to party with – anywhere in the world!!!

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Tell us how you got your start.

Well, I started like most of us did: as a resident DJ in a big club with gigs every weekend and loads of ideas for new tracks, remixes etc. And one day I recognized I had to start working on these ideas. So I founded my own studio and produced my first track (which was Trance at that time!!!).

How would you describe your style?

Strictly commercial House music!

What is your biggest inspiration?

To see the people in the clubs and what they like. That’s the most essential thing for my work…

If you could meet any artist in history, who would it be?

I would like to have an evening with Steven Spielberg and listen to his stories. Amazing idea!!!!

Where do you see the future of the music industry going?

Very, very difficult question! The industry and the consumers’ behavior is changing with lightspeed. Remember where we were 10 years ago! Very hard to answer this!

Any beats you working on now?

I took my time off for inspiration and started working on 3 (three!) new Froidz-singles last week. So there’s a lot coming in 2013!

For production, what program do you use? (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc)

Logic and only Logic. From the very first start! It’s the most diversive and at the same time most impressive production program for me!!! And it never disappointed me, whatever style I did with it!

Who is your dream collaboration with?

There’s no specific person I’d like to work with. I always try to work with people I like and fit best for the style or the music that I want to achieve.

When you have been on tour, what do you think has been your wildest show/tour experience?

Playing in Russia in an ice hockey area with 15000 clubber! Crazy evening!!!

Any crazy groupies along the way? Let’s hear it.

Don’t remember!!!!
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Where have you always wanted to perform?

Ibiza!!! Definitely the craziest place in the world!!!

What do you think is the toughest thing about touring/performing that the public might not know about?

It’s a lonely job. It makes you sit on airports, taxis, hotelrooms, restaurants etc. on your own and over several days long. That really brings you down sometimes!!!

Ok, let’s flip it around. What’s about the best thing about touring?

The shows! The fans! The music! The clubs! The mixture of it all!

Since you are on the up and up, what’s your goal/plan for this year? What about career goals?

I plan to do 2-3 new singles this year! And I hope with the best results which means the best reactions from my audience. It’s always a great thing if everybody likes your tracks and you get massive feedback “from the street”!!!
I don’t plan a lot more than this; it’s a single-release business for me at the moment but believe me, if there’s a worldwide Froidz-smash hit, there’s a complete artist project with live performances and album ready. It’s only waiting to get the demand that it needs to make sense!

If you weren’t an artist what would you be doing?

OK, here it comes. This is serious! As I am a total film fan, I would be working as the ticket man in my local movie theatre. The best job in the world: everybody comes around and you meet everyone over the year, it’s definitely not an exhausting job AND I can see all the movies for free! Excellent!

When do you think you will retire from the game?

If the clubbers don’t want to see me anymore. I believe that I will recognize that point in my life very clearly!

Final advice for new artists?

Well, be patient and patient and –again- patient. I also had a hard time in the beginning. But I believe that if you do good music (whatever style you do), you will get your chance. Don’t stop believing in your abilities and always try to grow on things that you do! I know this all sounds a bit pathetic, but in the end it’s exactly that what counts…

We always have your back here at, and we appreciate you taking the time with us today.

Photo Cred: Froidz

Soletron Passport – Froidz