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Greetings Soletron! We’re bringing you a super cool passport from Spain today. She’s a female DJ, one of the hottest in game right now. Signed to EMI, she got noticed by killing the club scene. She has rocked clubs and festivals all over the world. She’s not stopping anytime soon. Check out Marien Baker.

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Artist name: Marien Baker

Real name: Marien Barranco

Hometown: Spain

Genre: House/ Progressive House

Label affiliation: EMI Music

Signature work/known for: Marien Baker

Collaborations: Shaun Frank from the Canadian Band “The Envy”

Influences: Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Queen, The Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson

Social Following stats: facebook, Twitter

Favorite place to perform: Festivals, Beach Clubs, and iconic/legendary Clubs

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Tell us how you got your start.
I was dazzled by nightlife when I first went to a nightclub at 15, I must say that it was actually an early evening session allowing in people as young as me at that time. I was just a kid and that world captivated me. When I was a little girl I used to play the Spanish guitar and sing at the school’s choir. One day I simply found myself making mixes with a couple of cassette tapes and my dad’s turntables. I practised dance for quite a few years and I used to make my own “musical productions” pasting bits and pieces from various songs and arranging them for dance festivals, for me they were just “experiments” that I enjoyed doing. From there I started to work in this business taking up different jobs while combining it with my post at an events company. That led to me getting more and more in the DJ world, and one day I bought a couple of Pioneer CDJ 800’s and taught myself to mix, I also practised with vinyl when possible. Thus, and not even realizing it, they gave me my first opportunity.

How would you describe your style?
I’ve always chosen House and all the sub-styles it encompasses, I’ve played deep house, tech house, soulful… adapting to each situation and driven by my personal likings. I like a lot playing bootlegs and mashups, editing original tracks at the studio, practically 70% of my sets are comprised of edited tracks, I think that this difference marks quite an important detail to taking monotony out of those original tracks that can be heard everywhere. I like mixing house with tints of tech house, with progressive house and electro, I relate a lot to that sound.
What I’ve always liked is to convey energy and quality with my sound.

What is your biggest inspiration?
First of all the response from the public, the fans, the people that follows me and that kindly show their support. They are an important part in the life of an artist. Then I look for inspiration around me; my family, my friends, a situation, a landscape…

If you could meet any artist in history, who would it be?
Unfortunately I’m going to name a couple of artists who are no longer with us; Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson.

Where do you see the future of the music industry going?
I believe that there is going to be more and more blending of a music styles and genres. As we can see that thanks to the collaborations between vocal artists from pop, rock or hip hop working with electronic music artists, a promising future is predicted for this musical genre that gets to a larger public day by day.

Any beats you working on now?
Following the release of my first single with EMI, “Unbreakable”, I’m currently working in my second and third singles.

For production, what program do you use? (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc.)
Logic & Ableton

Who is your dream collaboration with?
Elton John, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Axwell…

When you have been on tour, what do you think has been your wildest show/tour experience?
Up to now the best moments I’ve lived while on tour have been maybe in Cyprus, at Guaba Beach Club where the party is just incredible and very wild.

Any crazy groupies along the way? Let’s hear it.
I once ordered a dinner room service and hours later the waiter actually turned up at the club when I was already playing and gave me a note to sign with all my details, name, room number, and my dinner!! That was weird! Someone also wanted me to sign a piece of paper so he could later tattoo himself with my signature.

Where have you always wanted to perform?
I would love to debut in festivals like Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Tomorrowland in Belgium or any Creamfields or Coachella. There are many clubs I would like to visit but I believe that building on my artist profile I will eventually get me there, but finding myself in the line up of a great festival is my a dream for now!

What do you think is the toughest thing about touring/performing that the public might not know about?
Many times we have to face endless routes to go from one country to another, and most of the times we spend very little time at each place with not much time for sleeping, physical exhaustion is hard on us and when we get to the DJ booth we have to show our best look and give our best. We also spend a long time away from family and friends, we miss special occasions because we are travelling. That is the hard part but it is all worth it because we get to be part of a journey that we’ve all dreamt of, so we can’t complain, and seeing a smile on the audience faces and watching them dance to our music is a reward for it all.

Ok, let’s flip it around. What’s about the best thing about touring?
Visiting new countries, getting to know new customs, traditions, gastronomy, ways of living the music and all that is around it, being introduced to new marvellous places and making friends on the way.

Since you are on the up and up, what’s your goal/plan for this year? What about career goals?
This seems to be a very interesting year, we started the “Marien Baker” project as a new EMI artist and I have already released my first single with the label, we are currently immersed in the promotion and shooting a video clip. I’m absorbed in the studio preparing my next single and my first artist album where I aim to capture all my musical curiosity and ideas that I have in mind. This is surely going to be an intense year as for the amount of material we will be putting out. We are all looking forward, both EMI and my team, to do many things together.
In the short term I aim to keep doing this for a living, and in the long term I wish to get to the public in large, to become a great artist, for my music to travel the world.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be doing?
I would probably be trying to become an artist… ha, ha, ha… I don’t really know, I’ve always liked veterinary and criminology sciences, maybe I would have dedicated to any of those…

When do you think you will retire from the game?
When I stop feeling butterflies in my tummy every time I perform, and I guess that if with time I lose the support from the public.

Final advice for new artists?
There are a number of aspects and skills that every would-be-DJ should have in mind, i.e. technical skills, attitude, ability to connect with the public, dedication, and image. It is a very nice professional world but there is a lot of competition. The path is long and you need to work hard, nobody will give you anything, you have to be honest, sometimes luck comes in and it does help also. It takes talent as well as willingness and effort, because if you have no talent, no matter how hard you try, you will never achieve a good professional level. So, go for it all!

We always have your back here at, and we appreciate you taking the time with us today.
Thank you for interviewing me, it’ been a pleasure ☺

Soletron Passport – Marien Baker

photo cred: Marien Baker