Soletron Throwback: Love & Hip Hop NY’s Joe Budden Discusses His Go-To Kicks


Since Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop New York premiered last night I thought it would be interesting to revisit an interview we did with one of the stars of the show. Over the summer I got to hang out backstage with my guys,  Shady Records’ own  Slaughterhouse while they were in town performing for the Rock The Bells hip hop festival. We discussed everything from their feelings about finally releasing “Welcome To: Our House” to some questionable images on the album art work. During the entire interview I couldn’t help but notice Joe Budden’s awesome pair of Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Crimsons” that had just come out a day before. It was at this point that I just had to ask these four sneakerheads  about their go-to kicks.


“My go-to sneaker, believe it or not it came back around the corner. It used to be a Chuck back when I was young. When I was a baby teenager,” started Crooked I, the Long Beach native, “Then I kind of evolved, started getting money, started thinking I was fly, wearing Prada sneakers and shit, but then it came right back to the Chuck Taylor. That’s my go-to sneaker right now.”


“I just designed a sneaker for Puma, the Yaowa sneaker. That’s my go-to” said Brooklyn’s Joell Ortiz.


Jersey City’s Joe Budden kept it simple by listing “Foams, Lebrons & Jordans” as his favorite kicks.


Royce Da 5’9 was a little too drunk to answer so his designated question answerer Joe did all the answering for him, “Reebok!”


It was then that Crooked I wanted to take a brief moment to address a serious matter that plagues the sneaker Community by discussing the recent tragedy of Montre Bradley, the 19 year old from Rochester who was shot while waiting in line to purchase a pair of Nike Foamposites. “Rest in peace to my man Montre Bradley,” he began, “19 years old. That’s a fuckin tragedy man. As a community we’ve got to do a lot better than that, straight up.”


Sneakerheads, what is your go-to sneaker?


Soletron Throwback: Love & Hip Hop NY’s Joe Budden Discusses His Go-To Kicks