Soletron’s Daily Top 12 Instagram Hotties (Pics Inside)


instagram hotties soletron 9 Soletrons Daily Top 12 Instagram Hotties (Pics Inside)

Greetings aliens of the planet Soletronica. Sneakerheads, fashion affecionados, nerds, pimps, and gangsters all gather around for a couple of minutes. I have something to show you that I’m sure we will all agree upon, and it starts with a “P” and ends with a “Y”. And I am not talking about “Pray”. But these things can be “prey”. Ok enough, of the word play. I tend to go too far sometimes with that. Anywho. You ever look on Instagram and witness some of the most gorgeous women you ever seen in your life. Like ever? It’s crazy because they never seem to look like the women in your neighborhood. So you sit and glance at your iPhone (some of us Android mobile devices) asking the image (as if she can talk back) “where the hell are YOU at?” I’ve been there myself. And I thought, what better thing to do than to just gather a collection of some of the hottest I’ve seen recently? Yes, this was a move out of thirst. Who cares. When something is funny, I laugh. When it’s cold, I put on a jacket. When it’s hot, I take that jacket off. And when, I’m thirsty…I do this.


Right? Stay tuned. 12 more coming tomorrow.

Soletron Instagram Hotties (Pics Inside)