Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games


Top 10 Role Playing Games iolcj0 Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games (RPG) have entertained gamers for years and are noted as being very influential and keeping gamers engaged.  From the very first Final Fantasy on the NES to World of Warcraft for the computer gamers, let’s check out some of the Top Role Playing Games.

10.Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts uusff1 Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

Kingdom Hearts integrated the Disney and Final Fantasy worlds and put action RPGs on the map.  You took on the role of Sora – a young boy given the powerful KeyBlade weapon.  Sora has Donald Duck and Goofy by his side to help fight the evil forces, to save the worlds threatened by darkness.  With all the fast-paced action, this game was a lot of fun!

9. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

star wars the old republic lafc9a Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

Released in 2003, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic wowed gamers with its amazing gameplay. RPG elements were integrated throughout the Star Wars universe which helped to intrigue gamers of all types. You can choose from 3 character classes and build skills in different categories to enhance your character. Eventually you can even choose a Jedi subclass. The storyline of this game takes place thousands of years before what takes place in the movies.

8. Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics vreoqb Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

Final Fantasy Tactics was released in 1997, and this game allowed gamers to develop their own team, with classes such as Knight, Mage, Summoner, Lancer and Monk to choose from.  The game allows you to choose which characters to deploy into combat. For an RPG, the storyline is pretty intricate, but it takes elements from the Final Fantasy Franchise and implements them into a turn based game well. The many side quests allow gamers hours of endless gameplay.

7. Pokemon

Pokemon qgsbqf Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

If you were a child of the 90’s you most likely played Pokemon and were instantly hooked! This game changed the way that gamers interacted in RPGs. You could capture Pokemon, battle and trade Pokemon with friends. Certain Pokemon were only obtainable through interaction with other players.  All these aspects made this game fun! Dozens of versions of the game exist, which allows gamers to trade and battle between them and gives you endless amounts of gameplay.

6. EverQuest

Everquest tgb7rg Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

EverQuest was released in 1999, during a time when Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games were hard to find.  This game gives you the ability to interact with players online and gives you over a dozen expansions, which has left gamers STILL interested in this game today.

5.Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

elder scrolls v skyrim buveaf Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

Gamers are provided with open world elements in this game – meaning you can pretty much do what you want in the game. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim does not make you commit to a storyline. Gamers can choose between races and classes, but actions players take, will affect the world long-term.  Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gives you entertaining RPG for all types of gamers.

4. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger c05ktw Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

Chrono Trigger became an instant classic when Square released it on the Super Nintendo Entertainment Console. This game allowed you to choose options for the story development and the actions that the player takes throughout the game determine the ending. The game had a total of 23 endings and everything from the music, gameplay and story made this game ahead of its time.

3. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII zi0jjk Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

Final Fantasy VII had the most impact as an RPG game on the Sony PlayStation Console. If you weren’t an RPG fan before, after playing this game you became one.  The characters were likeable, and it had a captivating story with many side quests and some secret characters to find. Also, the main protagonist and antagonist, Cloud Strife and Sephiroth became iconic characters in the video game universe.

2. Diablo II

Diablo II rvapjy Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

Diablo II hooked gamers with its dark fantasy and horror themes. With 7 characters to choose from, you could find unique and powerful items from the most unsuspecting places. People would actually trade items for real life currency in the game.

1.World of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft kdbbhj Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games

This Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game released in 2004 and took RPG games to a whole new level. 4 expansions of this game exist and millions of gamers are currently subscribed. Players have a lot of choices from two factions, several races and classes as well as joining guilds. The guilds actually keep World of Warcraft alive. With the amount of people that are playing this game from all over the world, World of Warcraft falls easily at Soletron’s number 1 spot.


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Soletron’s Top 10 Role Playing Games