Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods


Top 10 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods ukage8 Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods

When a game really sucks, we can always rely on a modder to make it more entertaining. When a game is really good though, you can still thank those modders for adding in some really weird mods that you would never think to put into that game. These mods not only enhance your gaming experience, but they can even blow your mind so far it comes straight out your ass.

There are modders out there that do this so well, they belong working for a gaming company – but because they don’t, we end up with things like what’s on this list. Perhaps you get bored playing the game as your usual character, you can spruce things up with a new look or an unusual and completely out of place character. The modding community is pretty damn creative and they come up with some crazy ideas – so let’s check out Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good Grand Theft Auto Mods.

5. Mr. Bean

mr bean 1 w06lfg Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods

As if Mr. Bean wasn’t creepy enough, just imagine him armed with a machine gun, running around the streets of San Andreas committing crimes and killing people, it’s rather disturbing. Now add in that this mod, available for GTA: San Andreas includes his little yellow British Leyland Mini, as well as the ‘do-it-yourself Mr. Bean’ couch tied to the top from one of his most popular episodes – makes it all the more real.

mr bean 2 xs4d4a Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods

The character isn’t as high quality as you’d hope, but the face definitely resembles Rowan Atkinson with that scary ‘I might be a pedophile, I might not’ look in his eyes. His trusty Teddy Bear even makes an appearance and if you didn’t think that was weird enough, then you need to watch him dance.

4. Left 4 Liberty: Infection

So what exactly do you do when the living dead are lurking around every street corner, wanting to eat your brains and turn you into one of them? You can find out in GTA IV with the Left 4 Liberty: Infection mod. Who doesn’t love a good zombie apocalypse these days – it’s so much more fun than running from gangsters or the police. In this mod, each time you get injured your infection percentage rises and it has six different in-game meters to help you gauge it: Infection, Health, Vehicle, Armor, Speed and Fuel. This mod combines two of the best franchises out there right now – GTA and zombies go together like lamb and tuna fish. Oh, you know what I mean.

3. The Incredible Hulk

the incredible hulk 1 vvseb1 Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods

The Incredible Hulk mod for GTA IV is for all The Avengers fans out there. The amount of detail that went into creating this is astounding because the giant green man is surprisingly accurate. You don’t get to see the actual transformation but The Incredible Hulk does come with a variety of different powers. He can pick up and throw cars, rip lamp posts and poles out of the ground and he can jump extremely high.

the incredible hulk 2 oc5q1q Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods

You can gauge your health and how angry you are with this mod. When you start the mod, your anger level is at ten, but as the level goes on your anger rating will increase. What’s more fun than a giant angry green man? Also due to the fact that Liberty City is modeled after New York, using the Hulk mod will make it very reminiscent of the Battle of New York at the end of The Avengers.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

tmnt 1 cd2wvq Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods

We’re taking it back to the old school with this mod for GTA IV. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mod allows you to take control over all four turtles at once, which is completely insane and a little glitch-y, but then you get to wreak havoc on the streets of Liberty City. The turtles have gone rogue and it may just be a character mod, but just like The Incredible Hulk, the detail is commendable. Our heroes in a half shell aren’t exactly saving the world here (actually, far from it), but you can’t pass up four for the price of one. Turtle Power!

1. Iron Man

iron man 1 mihsse Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods

The Iron Man mod for Grand Theft Auto IV stands at number one on our list and the reason being because you can play the game as the character, but you also get added features. So the Man of Steel can run and gun everyone down but he also can take flight, has the option of numerous weapons and can even become the Invincible Iron Man. Not only that, you can battle in the freaking air by facing off against flying enemies and if need-be, you can summon War Machine to guard you. I mean that alone far surpasses any expectation one might have for a mod. With the impressive detail and slew of features, this is a mod you want to try out – you know, while you pass the time for GTA V to be released. If the mods for GTA IV and earlier versions are THIS good, imagine what modders will create for GTA V!


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Soletron’s Top 5 Most Shockingly Good GTA Mods