Solution To Beachy’s Return


brandon beachy bxp12f Solution To Beachys Return

Tim Hudson, Paul Maholm, Kris Medlen, Mike Minor, and Julio Teheran make up the five starters of the Braves pitching rotation. Collectively, they’ve been solid all year long with Mike Minor coming into his own, Teheran finally showing why he’s been a top prospect, and the three vets putting up quality starts day in and day out. Brandon Beachy is just about finished with his minor league assignments as he’s coming back from Tommy John surgery. Last year, he was an all-star caliber pitcher before he went down. So what do the Braves do to make room for Beachy?

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There’s absolutely no way you move Minor or Teheran as they’ve pitched the best and are the future of the rotation. Tim Hudson has been solid veteran and ace of the staff, so he’s clearly not going anywhere. Basically, their only two options to do something with are Maholm or Medlen. Paul Maholm may be used as trade bait. He’s a quality left-handed pitcher that many teams would love to have. The only problem is the Braves have thrived off of their depth this season. They probably don’t want to lose his arm. Kris Medlen has previously been a long reliever for the Braves and he’s the most versatile of the bunch. I think the most practical decision for Fredi Gonzalez to make is to send Medlen to the bullpen and plug Beachy into the rotation there.

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Medlen would be a great addition to an ailing Braves bullpen and he’s got a lot of familiarity there. Right now, that move makes the most sense and they still get to keep all their arms. Fredi Gonzalez has a little bit of time left to make the decision, but it’s a no-brainer in my book.

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Braves Solution To Beachy’s Return