“Star Trek” Creator’s Ashes Heading To Space


In some unusual news, the ashes of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry, his wife and the actor who played Scotty will get a final resting place in space.  Their remains will head to the “Final Frontier” under plans announced Thursday to launch a space archive.

star trek wmtfq6 Star Trek Creators Ashes Heading To Space

(Photo Credit: via i09.com)

The project is being developed by Houston company Celestis – which has offered a service for years that takes partial remains into space and then brings them back.  Interestingly enough, ashes from the Roddenberry‘s have been on previous flights to space, but this time they will stay there.

The plans call for the archive to be launched with a large experimental solar sail planned by NASA next year.  The public can pay to have digital files, photos and DNA samples included. Also on the mission will be locks of hair from science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

Would you want your ashes left in space?

SOURCE: Huffington Post

“Star Trek” Creator’s Ashes Heading To Space