Steve Harvey Chokes Up On TV


steve harvey Steve Harvey Chokes Up On TV

Steve Harvey tears up as two surprise guests video-call from Orlando Florida. The two guests turn out to be individuals that assisted in Steve’s career before he made it as a comedian. At
26 years old, Steve Harvey started his own carpet cleaning company and these people allowed him to work for them to generate revenue. And just when it couldn’t get any better they gave him an account at their business just to travel. That’s love if I do say so myself. Not many people out here willing to give opportunities. It was lot of speculation about Steve crying from bloggers across the country, but to perfectly frank they can go to hell. When a grown man cries…it’s usually for good reason.

I think everyone has guardian angels assigned to them for this time we have on Earth. I think we all have somebody that was meant to spark our journey to achieving our goals. The main thing is in making sure we realize these people without taking them for granted.

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Steve Harvey Chokes Up On TV