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There are a number of different streetwear blogs out there and we here at soletron keep a list of our favorite ones and why they are our favorites. Streetwear blogs have a massive presence on the internet mainly because it is such a popular topic among the demographic of people that access the internet frequently. Since the increase in the number of streetwear blogs the number of sales for streetwear online has also seen a major increase. Most streetwear blogs are just blogs but a few manage to incorporate ecommerce aspects to their original structure in order to gain more traffic and profit.


Of course we can’t do a post on streetwear blogs without mentioning Soletron itself. Soletron is a streetwear and sneaker blog that also focuses on alot more. Soletron can be used to find the latest news, tech, streetwear, gossip, and games on the web. The refereshing thing about this blog is that it is from the view point of the regular person, Instead of talking about cars like you’re car guys or tech like your a technician, you get the viewpoint you want. Not to mention Soletron features some of the hottest models of any streetwear blogs out there.

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When it comes to streetwear blogs, you have alot of choices out there. There are blogs that allow you to buy and some just link you to the supplier. Some of the streetwear blogs out there only feature posts and articles that relate to streetwear and music, while others manage to give you a one stop shop for all the info you want from a down to earth point of view. When considering streetwear blogs to browse while you’re killing time we hope you consider soletron, being the premier spot for sneakerheads and the streetwear scene to gain access to what’s hot in the world of streetwear.

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Streetwear Blogs