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Streetwear has created a massive following and since most clothing items can be found online nowadays it would only be natural for the hundreds of online clothing retailers to feature entire sites for nothing but streetwear. Online sales are in the billions and the thought of having a company make it to the top of the streetwear world without having the actual burden of a brick and mortar business has been extremely beneficial and to the up and coming businesses.

Online stores offer expedited shipping and larger quantities than their brick and mortar counterparts and often times choose to have only online locations to keep the costs low. The lower costs of online clothing stores means that the retailers for streetwear can also keep their overall prices lower or at least comparable for their competitors. It’s obvious that the world of streetwear clothing has a huge presence in online retail but this popularity can also be found in tangible retail stores as well.

Many of the top department stores along with smaller retail stores and even down to the tiniest mom and pop skate shops can offer the same lines of urban clothing. The online market however continues to dominate because of the massive amount of traffic generated through the internet coupled with direct advertising efforts and straight from manufacturer shipping. The market for streetwear clothing is one of world wide proportions and seems to have mass appeal in europe and asia as well the americas. A majority of streetwear designers take their clothing lines online to make sure that they too can reach to a broader audience without going through the hassle of opening stores in other countries.


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