Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris Feat. Florence Welch (Video)


Sometimes a voice shows you how music can reach its ultimate potential. In this number Florence Welch and Calvin Harris show us how following a trend the can make you a follower or a trendsetter in your own right. There has been a recent influx of electronic powerhouses putting lovely ladies on their tracks to give them the crossover appeal to pop audiences. David Guetta is the most notable in this category but this trend has also reached Afrojack, Skrillex, and Deadmaus to name a few. But I feel as if Florence and Calvin have created something entirely new with this. It comes off as pop with an electronic edge.

This video also really hit home. It is strange as most electronic videos are but it at least has a story line we can all relate too; the emptiness of being wrong but being caught in too deep that you can’t help but get hurt. It opens with a window into a man’s gambling addiction and Florence as a singer in a seedy strip bar. I will just say Florence never looked so good, even as a man. When she first comes out you’re a little shocked but it gets more interesting. Eventually, the coupling of Florence’s movements in sync with her man makes this hard not to watch. She mirrors the trouble he’s gotten into and then we see glimpses into the rocky history of their relationship something with way more pain. This all occurs with the back drop of the bar pimping out girls to lonely men. The desperation is in the air all of them reek of sweet nothing.

 Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris Feat. Florence Welch (Video)

The words in the chorus reflect this emptiness

“So I put my faith in something unknown
I’m living on such sweet nothing
But I’m trying to hope with nothing to hold
I’m living on such sweet nothing”

Whatever you gave someone they devour it and leave you with nothing. Before that moment you rewind the relationship, whether with a person or gambling, and it seems so real, so filling, sweet as candy but leaves your stomach empty in the end. This video shows you how fragile a relationship can be. This tragedy is well represented with Florence’s voice but the unique talent is in Calvin Harris’s production skills. When she’s wailing the beat takes off and it’s like her hearts racing as her pain comes out. You can feel her screaming out When did this become so empty? Why won’t things ever change? Questions that every person in a relationship faces. In the end it leaves them with so little, a sweet nothing.