Taahir – Jag


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Yesterday Taahir dropped the 2nd single of his upcoming Play Cloths hosted mixtape, The Balance. The Brooklyn based artist dropped the video to his 1st single Nefertiti not too long ago. Now with this 2nd single, we become more acquainted with Taahir’s style. Produced by Nicky Benedik, Jag is a bit more sensual and edgy than Nefertiti. Found the sound of it, Taahir likes older women. Jag seems to be about Taahir’s experience with a person older than him, making the connection between a Jaguar and a Cougar. Listen to it below and be on the lookout for more music from The Balance.

If you haven’t seen the Nefertiti video yet:

Play Cloths Presents Taahir – Nefertiti from Play Cloths on Vimeo.

image source: taahir

Taahir – Jag