Tanning Mom Hospitalized After Seizure


Tanning Mom, Patricia Krentcil suffered a seizure Saturday morning inside her rehab facility and was hospitalized.  Rehab techs from The Lukens Institute, where Tanning Mom has been staying for alcoholism found her early in the morning seizing.

tanning mom b4xikw Tanning Mom Hospitalized After Seizure

(Photo Credit: ABC News)

Rehab techs rushed her to Palm Beach hospital and luckily the techs were able to stabilize the famous mom on the way to the ER.  According to reports, Patricia is currently resting and will remain in the hospital for a few days so doctors can monitor her condition.

Tanning Mom entered The Lukens Institute on June 20th for a 30 day treatment program for alcoholism.  We recently reported that while there, Krentcil who had made a public vow to stop tanning, had purchased a tanning package at the local tanning salon to start back up her other addiction while she quits the drinking.



Tanning Mom Hospitalized After Seizure