Teen Who Rushed The Field Faces Harsh Consequences


Dylan McCue-Masone thought that it would be a funny prank to run out on the field during Tuesday nights All Star game at Citi Field. He is now finding out how wrong he was. The eighteen year old is facing a year in jail and $6 thousand in fines. The teen plead not guilty when he was arraigned on Wednesday and he will be back in court September 11.

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The incident began when McCue-Masone tweeted that he would run onto the field if he received 1000 reblogs for his tweet. When he did McCue-Masone began a running commentary leading up to when he actually reached the field. His father told him that he would likely get arrested for the stunt and his mother repeatedly asked the teen not to go with the stunt in fear that he may arrested or hurt. McCue-Masone made it on to the field where he was tackled by security, one of which had been trained in MMA. He had made it all the way to second base before he was tackled to the ground and eventually carried off the field.McCue Mason made his first tweet since the incident on Friday that expressed his regret for what he has done. By now both he and his parents probably wish that the teen had showed more forward thinking and responsibility.

image source: USA Today

Teen Who Rushed The Field Faces Harsh Consequences