The Buccaneers Lose Players To Infection


tampa bay buccaneers washington redskins nybgag The Buccaneers Lose Players To Infection

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had two players get infected with MRSA. This is a very dangerous strain of staph infection which is resistant to penicillin. The two players that have been sidelined are kicker Lawrence Tynes and guard Carl Nicks. Nicks will be out indefinitely for his infection. Tynes had to have surgery this week to have the infected tissue removed from his toe. Nicks also has an infection in his toe, but has not needed any surgery to deal with the problem. He was initially told that the problem was an ingrown toenail. Luckily he noticed that something was wrong and got a second opinion. The head athletic trainer also caught the infection.

The team has since had their facilities treated for the infection. The team owners encouraged them to spare no expense in getting rid of the dangerous bacteria. The facility needed to hire a company to come in and “nuke” the space. The NFL Players Association has been keeping a close watch on the situation because this sort of infection has the ability to end a players career. Other teams have had to have their facilities treated for staph and most of them keep signs that warn players about using things like jacuzzi’s without showering first.

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The Buccaneers Lose Players To Infection