The Conjuring: Is It Too Scary?


TheConjuringMain The Conjuring: Is It Too Scary?The horror movies that have come out in the past couple years, let’s face it, they aren’t scary. Every horror movie that has made its way into theaters is the same as the last. It’s always something having to do with a haunted house that a family moves into, a murderous possessed kid or something having to do with zombies.

That’s about to change with The Conjuring because people are saying that this movie is too scary. This comes after the movie was screened at the New York Comic Con and the director, James Wan, who is known for directing and producing the SAW and Insidious movies, was contacted by the MPAA after submitting the movie for a rating and was told to cut the movie for its content to receive a PG-13 rating. Wan was asked about the incident with the MPAA and said that there aren’t any specific scenes that would change its rating from an R rating to a PG-13 rating.

But does this mean anything? Is this a method of trying to rake in viewers so that it can separate itself from the competition, even though this will be the only “scary” movie that will be released in June and July, and probably one of the few in the coming months?

Who knows. But it could definitely help when trying to separate itself from the competition that have the same premise as The Conjuring.

The Conjuring has a similar plot to movies that have come out in the past. By similar plot, I mean an All-American family moves into a hexed house that has had a gruesome past that include murders and other paranormal entities and they try to rid the haunts with a paranormal investigator, but all goes wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, it looks good. But I hope it can retain it’s scary factor that was shown in the commercials.

You be the judge.

The Conjuring Trailer (Video)

The Conjuring comes to a wide audience on July 19th.

The Conjuring: Is It Too Scary?