The Crime Or The Cover-Up?: Why A-Rod Should Get A Lifetime Ban From MLB (Video)


new york yankees baltimore orioles alds game 5 593x397 The Crime Or The Cover Up?: Why A Rod Should Get A Lifetime Ban From MLB (Video)

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Alex Rodriguez sitting at a podium. The look of sincerity and remorse written all over his face, he took his time with his words. This is a new look for the normally overly confident A-Rod.

A prodigy since he jumped into the league straight out of high school, lacking confidence would be the last thing that anyone would’ve said about him at the time. Possessing all the tools needed to become an all-time great, he became a legend while with the Seattle Mariners. When he moved to Arlington Texas to play for the Rangers, his star rose higher. It wasn’t until he got to the big stage that is New York City that his name would really be launched into that rare air called, legend. He was on his way to becoming the best short-stop of all-time and the strongest rival to Barry Bonds and his homerun record. Yes, Alex Rodriguez was on his way to being a legend.

Then this press conference happened. In 2003, after winning the American League MVP award, news came out that A-Rod failed two separate tests for anabolic steroids. His name appeared on a list of 104 players who were said to have used PED’s. He wouldn’t face a suspension or anything until 4 years ago. That’s when he sat at a podium and delivered a speech where he asked for forgiveness for his wrongs. We all felt that he was being real at that moment.

Fast forward to 2013 and we see that he might not have been that sincere. Facing a lifetime ban this time, A-Rod has been silent for the most part. He’s let his lawyers speak for him. With every minute that passes, Rodriguez gets closer to facing a stiff penalty for his part in this latest scandal.

This should be the last chance for Mr. Rodriguez. This would be his 2nd time being accused of using steroids. He’s let down his fans and all those in the game who have supported him over time.

A-Rod deserves to be banned from the game he loved. His actions show that he deserves that much. But for which action?

I think his attempt to cover-up of his steroid use is as big or bigger than his actual use of steroids. In April 2013 The New York Daily News reported that Rodriguez tried to purchase documents from the Biogenesis clinic that would prove that he was a user. It was that desperate act that solidifies to me that he needs to be removed from the game all together.

Trying to buy records from the clinic show that not only A-Rod know what he was doing was wrong, but tried to keep it from the public so that he would’nt face any judgement.

A-Rod didn’t want to risk his big contract with the Yankees or his legacy as a player with another steroid accusation, so he did what he thought was best. He tried to pay his way out of it.Wrong way to handle it! Another press conference, another attempt to draw sympathy from the public. Both of those things would’ve served him better right now than what he tried to do. By trying to cover-up his steriod use, he painted the villian moustache on his own face. There’s no coming back from that.

Trying to buy his way out of trouble puts him in the same category as Pete Rose. A lifetime ban would be needed at this time.

At 38 years old, A Rod doesn’t have much baseball life left in his body anyway. What happens to A-Rod from here on out is up to Major League Baseball. How this new situation will affect his legacy will be shown overtime? What we do know is that MLB needs to do something and quick!

A good way to set anybody who thinks they can follow in his footsteps straight is to show that we will take the game away from you, whether it’s for the actual crime or the cover-up.

Photo Source: NY Daily News

The Crime Or The Cover-Up?: Why A-Rod Should Get A Lifetime Ban From MLB (Video)