“The Day After” in Atlanta


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The Falcons took a devastating loss on a national stage at the hands of the New York Jets. Ouch. A win could have resurrected hope in Atlanta. A win was not a tall order, either. The abysmal Jets, at home, with a rookie quarterback leading the way. Even the Falcons’ banged up defense could handle that right? Wrong.

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After that punch in the gut, Atlanta fans turned to the Braves game for some solace. They managed to hang in with Clayton Kershaw and knock him out of the game to take a 3-2 lead late. Hope! Then there was Juan Uribe. A steady veteran for the Dodgers came in and stole the show, stole game five and the season away from the Atlanta Braves with a two-run homerun.

In one night, the Braves season was over and the Falcons season took a horrible turn for the worst. Sports are a funny thing. In order for there to be a winner, there has to be a loser. As gut-wrenching and painful as losing can be, it only makes winning that much greater. The beautiful thing about sports is everyone gets a clean slate at the beginning of every year. I know it’s painful now, but Atlanta will live to play again.

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“The Day After” in Atlanta