The Game Wants A G-Unit Reunion To Happen (DETAILS)


Yesterday we posted a video of Tony Yayo from G-Unit talking about how his loyalty is always to 50 Cent but that he never really had a problem with Young Buck or The Game.  Now The Game took to his Facebook page today to put together a petition and a website lobbying for a G-Unit reunion.

game 50 cent The Game Wants A G Unit Reunion To Happen (DETAILS)

This is very interesting considering things between 50 Cent and The Game didn’t really end well.  Though you never really know these days what’s real beef and what’s for publicity.  The Game asked earlier on Facebook, “Is there a G Unit Reunion gonna happen in 2013??? Let’s see how many signatures we get!” The website promises rap dominance if the infamous coalition reunites.  The Game said,

“It’s about time we gave the world what they want, a ‘Reunion’, there is no doubt that if the group reformed they would smash their way to the top again.”

No word on if 50 Cent is up for a reunion with his old group members but the petition does have just over 4,000 signatures so far.  Who knows if the petition will even have an impact on getting a reunion out of the group but it’s definitely fascinating considering their past history together.

What do you think of a G-Unit reunion?


The Game Wants A G-Unit Reunion To Happen (DETAILS)