The Kardashian Family Loves Twitter


Kylie Kendall kylie jenner and kendall jenner 31278906 686 4611 The Kardashian Family Loves Twitter

If its one thing all the Kardashians share in common its family and the love of twitter.

This time its not Kim, nor is it Khloe, the winner is Kylie Jenner who went on a twitter rant. After a few magazine’s claim that Bruce is not her or her sisters biological father. she was quoted saying, “Its all BullSh**”

After shooting series of upsetting tweets her two older sisters Kim and Kourtney responded to the chaos.

They Tweeted:

kim kardashian The Kardashian Family Loves Twitter

We all know that this family has had rumors spin out of control when it comes to family and biological relationships. So we are not surprised when Kim and Kourtney took part.

While all of this took place Kourtney’s boa Scott is planning on investing in a night club and Kourtney isn’t having it because she thinks it will put him back to his reckless ways.

A source was Quoted:“Kourtney is furious. She says no way. Investing in another space in Meatpacking was his initial plan. But Scott and his old nightlife partner, Chris Reda, [owner of the Griffin in New York] want to buy a restaurant with a venue space for a club in Miami and have been talking big money.”

“He wants to invest 60% into the business, which is more money than Kourtney can bear to see him spend, considering his last venture was a total failure.”

“Buying a nightclub might fly under the Kimye baby radar if he does it now.”

Maybe this time will be different?