The Pros and Cons of The Wolverine


the wolverine 2013 x9tx02 The Pros and Cons of The Wolverine

It’s a mixed bag of good news and bad , so we will go ahead and hit the cons first.

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If you are hung up on the height thing, well then the Transformers sized Sliver Samurai isn’t going to do it for you.  Nor will the fact Viper doesn’t have green hair,  was that a lot to ask of the wardrobe department, not to mention we will never see Logan in a full costume and mask.   Viper  doesn’t have powers in the comics somehow got the toads tongue in this, so if they were going that  far to suspend our disbelief was it too much to  give her green hair?

The fact Logan doesn’t have his healing power for the whole first 2/3 of the movie irked me , just like having a de-powered mortal Thor bumbling around on earth the middle of his movie… you are telling me that you don’t think the character is relatable because they are so powerful, well  Hollywood… it’s a super-hero film.

Hugh Jackman was often over dramatic and the end was big and cartoonish, which was a slight departure from the rest of the film .There was a lack of blood for someone who should have been cutting his opponents to shreds, but maybe that was flying off screen.

I had it in my head that Omega Red was going to be in this and he wasn’t.

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The film was well directed , my attention was kept and the action was reasonably paced.  Jean Grey did haunt Logan throughout the movie which was a nice connective tie, as well as an Trask industries in the news footage and of course the two big cameos at the end.

The  film had a  grittier tone than most Marvel films this side of Punisher Warzone. Iron Man 3 was a slightly bigger and better movie,  but the Wolverine was  much less chaotic than Super-man, and aside from the whole mutant thing it was grounded in reality. Overall as far as pop corn movies go it was fun and paid more tribute to the comics than the first Wolverine solo outing.

Wolverine did transcend a lot of the spandex stereotypes by feeling more like a martial arts films with the yakuza and ninjas flying about. Granted I only have a moderate interest in the character, I’m not sure he is even in my top ten marvel characters, though he is immense in his popularity almost surpassing Spider-man, I appreciate the thought behind this now  and it gives the next X-men movie a higher mark to aim for.

the pros and cons of the wolverine