The Weekly Playlist


metal horns r3sexb The Weekly Playlist

Once again we will use use Last Fm to track the most played songs on the old iPod  this week here’s a look at my Top 10 Playlist.

holograms mhaklb The Weekly Playlist

10-”Monolith” by Holograms

These new Swedes on the block serve up some post-punk that’s heavy on the punk side of the equation, but still manage to work in the darkness of a  “Pornography” era Cure.

 king fxtu5x The Weekly Playlist


9-”the Invisible Guests”- by King Diamond

I can’t take anyone who listens to metal seriously if they don’t at least have a profound respect for the King. I understand his shrill falsetto wailing is an acquired taste but he made some of the best post-Number of The Beast metal in the 80′s.

maiden am8yk7 The Weekly Playlist

8- Hallowed Be Thy Name by  Iron Maiden

Speaking of Number of the Beast, “Run to the Hills” might have been more well known but this one put Bruce on the map as their new singer ,as their is no way Paul Dianno could pull this off.

placebo ea7f9w The Weekly Playlist

7-Hemoglobin by Placebo

They might look like girly men but Brian and company show they can rock out with the best of them on this one. In fact the entire album has a grit to it.

dijune nsq0t2 The Weekly Playlist

6-Rose Clouds of Holocaust by  Death in June

This goth tinged neo-folk is now finding scores of hipster imitators cluttering the stages of smokey bars in Brooklyn. What they miss out on is the honesty conveyed even in this apocalyptic ballad.

 sofy ktactt The Weekly Playlist


5-”Aucune Importance” -by Sofy Major

This underground math fused post- hard core band owes a lot to the likes of Unsane but they are so good at what they do, this sounds has become there own despite the nineties trappings. The rubbery bass lines slithers through these jerky changes with ease.

new order qnylho The Weekly Playlist

4-Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

Hearing this its hard to make the Joy Division connection. As 80′s dance pop goes this is smartly written with great lyrics.

the cure 2 liflt5 The Weekly Playlist

3-”Doin the Unstuck”- the Cure

Compared to Disintegration , Wish is a pop album, but its a pop album with some great guitar sounds and Robert Smith doing what he does best. This song is one of the more upbeat and less lamenting love songs.

 tumblr l6srnqeHF11qzf217o1 500 cm726q The Weekly Playlist

2-Stay by David Bowie

Bowie dips into disco for a moment and does it with more class and grace than his peers had been able to , while staying authentic to himself and the genre he stepped into. His vocals here are some if the best of his career.

 doors aohmzn The Weekly Playlist

1 “We could be so good together” by the Doors

This walks both sides of their bi-polar personalities, not really blues but not the sort of psychedelic circus music they also came out with. Jim croons around the bounce of the keyboard riff, not the deepest song on the album, but its fun.