The Weekly Playlist



Using Last Fm to track the most played songs on the old iPod  this week here’s a look at my Top 10 Playlist.

imgres xzegr3 The Weekly Playlist

10- “No Control” by David Bowie

From his “Outside” album where he took a step back into a more angst ridden sound to let the emerging bands like Nine Inch Nails catch up to his “Scary Monster” days, where Bowie had already fused a dark electronic sound with rock.

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9-”Heart and Soul” by Joy Division

This one is from their classic “Closer” album. Not as overplayed as “Love Will Tear Us Apart” it’s about as close to a love song as the morose Ian Curtis ever got.

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8-”Lovely Creature” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Off the ” Murder Ballads” album, it features Katherine Blake of Mediaeval Baebes, on backing vocals. This album earned the Mtv nomination for “Best Male ArtIst” which Cave asked them to withdraw.

 images avliod The Weekly Playlist

7-”Avraham” by the Black Heart Rebellion

It would seem like there is a lot of darker stuff on this week’s play list but it’s pretty common for me. This Belgian hardcore band has evolved into a brooding din not unlike Nick Cave’s old band the Birthday Party.

imgres coci6t The Weekly Playlist

6-”Cast” by Batillus

The doomy industrial groove to this one has been a perfect soundtrack for summer thunderstorms.

images jimhuo The Weekly Playlist

5-”Disintegration” by the Cure

The title track from an album so loaded with hits it often gets overlooked . After “Fascination Street” this song rocks the most on an album that fluctuates in degrees of melodramatic moping.

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4-”Shake the Disease” by Depeche Mode

An ode to the entanglement of tongues in relationships , at least that’s what I think he is talking about. Play this at any 80′s night an the dance floor will bump thats the power Depeche Mode has.

 images ivwzhw The Weekly Playlist

3-”Ode” by Peste Noire

This French black metal brigade has gone in a rawer direction, though the acoustic guitar at the beginning of this song offers on of the albums more melodic moments.

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2-” Please Remember” by Deafheaven

One of the more surreal moments of their Sunbather album where they go from an abrasive wash of sonics into  the strum of an acoustic guitar.

imgres pfkaoo The Weekly Playlist

1-”Fatty Boom Boom” By Die Antwoord

The “Cookie Thumper” video that premiered over the last week has inspired a return to the “Ten$ion” album to hold me over until the new one drops.