Third Da Vinci Code Is Planned


dan brown inferno xmdh2m Third Da Vinci Code Is Planned

Good news for people who like movies based on books, Ron Howard has agreed to direct the next movie in the Da Vinci Code series. Howard had previously claimed that he was finished with the popular franchise in 2011. the next movie will be based on Ban Brown’s latest story about Robert Langdon called “Inferno”. The set release date for the movie is December 2015. This would suggest that the studio has decided not to make a film version of the third book in Brown’s series ” The Lost Symbol”. The film will bring Howard, Tom Hanks as Langdon, and screenwriter Koep.

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“Inferno” was released in May and has been another best selling hit novel for Brown. The film will also most likely follow in the tradition of the previous films and novels to make millions of dollars for everyone involved in the project. The first movie in the series, The Da Vinci Code, made $758 million world wide. It was a phenomenon that no one would shut up about for months. The second movie in the series, Angels & Demons capped out at $485 million. A good standing and plenty of money made back even if it is not the world takeover that the first was. “Inferno” will hopefully do as well as the first now that there have been a few years between films.

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Third Da Vinci Code Is Planned