This Day in Sports August 23, 1988

BloodGreen This Day in Sports August 23, 1988

Mitch “Blood’ Green speaks with reporters, while showing off his injuries after early morning street fight against Mike Tyson in Harlem.

Mike Tyson used to million dollar pay matches has an impromptu street fight at 4AM in Harlem against Mitch “Blood” Green. Two years earlier Green went the distance with Tyson, losing a unanimous decision. Trying to get a rematch with the heavyweight champion, Green confronted Tyson outside a clothing store, and the brawl was on. Green suffered eye injuries, while Tyson broke his wrist. The injury forced Tyson to postpone a planned mufti-million dollar fight with Frank Bruno, while Green continued to taunt Tyson in the press. The two fighters would later face off in court, but there would be no rematch in the ring, as legal troubles kept Green out of boxing for several years. However, before fading into obscurity Mitch “Blood” Green would be remembered forever for his homophobic remarks about Mike Tyson and their early morning fight on the Harlem street.