Tom Brady Injures Knee During Practice


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Tom Brady gave New England Patriots fans a huge scare when he fell to the ground clutching his left knee during practice on Wednesday. During a joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nate Solder, an offensive lineman for the Patriots, was pushed into Brady just after he threw the ball. The play was caught on camera by a fan who was there.

Brady was able to complete three more passes during the drill. Afterwards he was able to get off the field and make it to the trainers waiting on the side line on his own, but he was limping. After speaking with coaches it was decided that Brady would leave practice for the rest of the day.

The team has had the face of their team undergo an MRI since the accident earlier in the day. The tests show that the injury is not serious and that there is no damage to his ligaments. This is a relief for Patriots fans, since the knee involved is the one that kept Brady out of the 2008 season. The seriousness of the injury is unclear and Brady will be participating in practice as soon as he feels ready. His recovery is considered to day to day.

image source:abcnews

Tom Brady Injures Knee During Practice