Top 10 Anti-Heroes of Television


After James Gandolfini’s death I heard someone attribute the character of Tony Soprano as being the first Anti-hero who brought about rooting for the bad boys like Don Draper. This  first brought to mind J.R Ewing from Dallas, so seeing our dark sides in others is nothing new. Here’s a look at the top ten not so nice guys that we have tuned in to root for…and they won’t be any of the characters we just mentioned, that would be too obvious. walt c7dggh Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television

10-Walter White of Breaking Bad

His inoperable lung cancer won’t put him down with this shows’ viewer-ship. The former school teacher turned meth dealer has become a much harder hearted man as he attempts to provide for his family before his looming death.

 jax trpuer Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television 9-Jax Teller of Sons of Anarchy

He started off as the vice president of the Sons of Anarchy Bike club and worked his way up to president,not by being a nice guy. As the show has evolved he gets down and dirtier in order to keep his gangs place in the criminal underground. He might not always  be the easiest to  empathize with on a list, but looks cool doing it.

 nucky cgz0kk Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television

8-Nucky Thompson of Boardwalk Empire

To say Nucky can be a bit of a jerk is an under statement, after he capped Micheal Pitt’s character who he thought of as a son, but it conveyed the shows message either you’re going to be a gangster or you’re not there’s no middle ground.

eric at2mrt Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television

 7-Eric Northman of True Blood

The closer he gets to Sookie , the more human he comes across, while he wasn’t ever the bad guy, his relations with humans is more than tenuous as the vampire/ human heats up on the show.

ragnar vvyt4z Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television

6-Ragnar Lothbrok of Vikings

In his homeland he came across as just rebellious, but he did crash a church and take a priest for a slave , which not only makes him the most Metal character on the list, but tanks him high as an anti-hero.

 edt Hannibal jvf8ns Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television

5-Hannibal Lecter of Hannibal

Mad Mikkelsen who also played a viking in Valhalla Rising, has taken an interesting new direction with the character we grew fond of in the Thomas Harris novels and Anthony Hopkins charmingly portrayed on screen. Mads boldly strikes out in a new direction from what Hopkins did with the character but still makes you want to sit down for dinner with this smooth cannibal.

 nancy jz3zjl Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television 4-Nancy Botwin

Tell Walter, this bad momma was selling drugs while he was still teaching class.Sometimes Nancy’s attitude in the face of the deeper grave she kept digging for herself made you want to slap her, but if you didn’t connect with the character she would have never elicited that response. Once you saw her go to jail in order to keep her kids safe it hit you how she was a mom trying to do right.

 hank bym7dc Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television 3-Hank Moody of Californication


The longest running arc of the story aside from not being the father who doesn’t know best is the fact he had sex with his ex-wife’s under age now former step-daughter, it’s more rock n roll than soap opera in tone, so much so this writer’s novels are all named after Slayer albums.

 spike zamyc7 Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television 2-Spike of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

 Eric isn’t the first blond vampire pretty boy on t.v. We think of Spike as fighting by Buffy’s side but he started out as a bad guy a good year before any one had heard of Tony Soprano. Spike became just too popular a character  to meet a stake and even eclipsed Angel in the minds of some die hard fans.

 dex3 iqhnos Top 10 Anti Heroes of Television

1-Dexter Morgan of Dexter

While the concept of being sympathetic with a serial killer isn’t a new concept after Hitchcock’s Pyscho, Hall brings a more  human element to the character so you begin to empathize with some one with no empathy. The Jeff Lindsay novels did capture this way the incredible acting which slays anything Jon Hamm has done as Dexter shows us what it’s really like to be a mad man.