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Hair, hair, hair! It’s what makes us who we are right? Some people get recognized by people saying “oh yea that girl with the nappy hair.” Or “Yea that guy with the crazy Mohawk.”

With Athletes it seems as hair is everything to them, well at least some. I don’t blame them, I also think appearance is also very important. But you’d be surprised to what kind of hairstyles these guys actually have. Let’s take a look at the top 10 craziest athlete hairstyles.

10.) This athlete is known for his outrages acts. He fights, he spits, and he plays his game well. Including twitter trolling… The man formerly known as Ron Artest, Metta World Peace decided to go in a different route with his hair. It definitely was eye catching, and definitely had some scratching their heads.

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9.) Now this athlete’s hair isn’t so bad. It’s very wacky, but I wouldn’t call it tacky. Stephan El Shaawary is practically known for his hairstyle. The 20 year old, AC Milan striker says he wouldn’t change his hairstyle because “the girls like it.” Hmm, Mr. Shaawary. It does bring a little appeal, and character to himself… not that he needs it.

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8.) The man known as Becks is known for his brilliant footballing skills but also his very metro style throughout the years. If you’ve seen pictures of him throughout his career you’d know that David Beckham is known for his many, many different hairstyles throughout to his career. I would give all the credit to Posh though.

david beckham cornrows Top 10 Athletes with crazy hair

7.) This man is a great basketball player, too bad he’s not on a really good team. Michael Beasly was a college star, who made it to the big league… just like his pocket, his hair has grown throughout the years. Now this hairstyle isn’t so bad, but it’s not exactly what you would call “fabulous.” It is certainly wacky though.

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6.) Curly hair seems to make the world go round. There is something about hair that is just naturally crazy, and colored! Mike Commodor of the Carolina Hurricanes certainly has both. His hair is cray cray, with a tint of red to finish it off. Take a look at that beard too, can you say Harry!

mike commodore Top 10 Athletes with crazy hair

5.) As we reach the halfway point, let’s go to an athlete who just like Metta World Peace is notoroius in his sport. Now don’t get me wrong Mario Balotelli is a great player, but his hairstyles are very questionable. It seems as though he is always changing his hairstyles every couple weeks. But they always seem to be Mohawks, oh the Mohawks. There should be a sports team called the Mohawks, put all the athletes who love having Mohawks on it, and there you go.

mario balotelli 2448115b Top 10 Athletes with crazy hair

4.) As we reach to number 4, it’s safe to say that this athletes hairstyle is very weird… and it’s not just the hairstyle, it’s the hairline. French footballer Bacary Sanga is known for his wacky hairstyle. His blonde-dyed tresses have stuck with him throughout his career.

19 Top 10 Athletes with crazy hair

3.) Know for his sweet skills on the court, this athlete has beautiful hair. Hair that many women get weaves so they can mirror this hair. The long, beautiful, curly, frizzy, soft hair of Joakim Noah earns the number 3 spot.

joakim noah hair 2 Top 10 Athletes with crazy hair

2.) Picking this athlete was very difficult. Well in terms of if he should be number 1, or 2. Chris Anderson, or the man known as Birdman is known for his flamboyent full body tattoos, and his crazy hairstyle. It seems as though the Mohawk is always a great hairstyle. But Birdman takes Mohawk to another level.

Chris+Andersen+Denver+Nuggets+v+Miami+Heat+vEerankvXvzl Top 10 Athletes with crazy hair

1.) Now the number 1 top spot was a little difficult to choose. I looked at a lot of crazy haired athletes, and in my opinion this guy has the craziest looking hair, and it doesn’t help that he has a crazy looking smile to go with it. Also does it help that his long curly tresses are died blonde? No, problem not. But take a lot who get’s the top spot.

carlos valderrama 001 Top 10 Athletes with crazy hair

Carlos Vakderrama is a former colombian footballer, not only known from his fancy foot work, he is known for his chaoitc hair. But you know, you really can’t hate on his hair. What he has is really what so many people get weaves for!

Ah, so as we finish! Tell me the athletes you think have the craziest hairstyles!










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