Top 10 Bands to Catch at Wacken


The Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany is the worlds largest metal festivals and draws fans from all over the globe. This year’s line-up seems a little light on the black metal and isn’t the strongest, but here’s the top ten bands to catch if you make the trip.

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Lemmy and the boys are living legends, however I can’t say I’ve  seen them in an outdoor setting where they sounded good. They turn  the volume to a level you would expect of them in an area, but outside it becomes distorted mush. They are who they are and who knows how long Lemmy will still be kicking is why they made this list.

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Their albums artistically matched those Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth were putting out at the time, but fell off the map when they lost singer Joey Belladonna. He was an amazing singer in the eighties but twenty years later they are mainly worth checking out to say you have seen them.

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8-Deep Purple

If Ritchie Blackmore was in the band and Jon Lord was  alive they would take the number one spot. This isn’t the case , though Steve Morse from the Dixie Dregs is a great guitarist you are talking about replacing one of the greatest guitarists and the best rock keyboardist ever. This means singer Ian Gillan is going carry the load on his once golden pipes.

011 zwmrog Top 10 Bands to Catch at Wacken


After his fourth album, he has  been hit or miss.Expect him to bust out  the hits and some Misfits as well. His voice has held up even if he no longer resembles Wolverine.

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I was disappointed by their last album, as the majority of the songs sound the same, but I expect these guys to crush it in this environment. In Europe they will  have the home court advantage with the crowd.

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These guys brought a more Gothic feel to doom back in the eighties. If you are into slow and  majestic doom these guys will be a history lesson. They influenced the genre with a more power metal element to the vocals.

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This French band brings the same kind of weighty progressive flare to the stage like Meshuggah but with less math and more melody.

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The former Emperor front man is an outstanding guitarist and vocalist. His solo work has black metal bite to it but with orchestration of along the lines of Opeth.

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2-Alice Cooper

The only thing keeping the greatest show man in hard rock from the number one slot is at his age the vocal chords are pretty shot. He still puts on one of the best shows in the business.

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I dig the whole nineties industrial thing,  if you don’t they are tremendous show men with a pretty spectacular stage show . I can’t fathom they would tone  it down for a gig this big , in fact expect it to be amped up. Get ready to gain a new respect for them.