Top 10 Blake Griffin Dunks [Video]


Did you know that the slam dunk was once banned from the NCAA? Yep, from 1967-1976 there was a no-dunking rule in large part because of Lew Alcindor, aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. This rule is also recognized as the “Lew Alcindor rule.” Many people believed the slam dunk provided an unfair advantage to the dunker.

Nowadays, dunking is so much a part of basketball that there is a contest for it accompanying the all-star game. A great slam dunk from the home team brings a subdued crowd to its feet. It can stop momentum from one team and swing it to another. One of the best most athletic NBA players in the game today is Blake Griffin. Some people argue that he’s very one-dimensional and all he does is dunk. I say he’s pretty darn good at it…

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Top 10 Blake Griffin Dunks