Top 10 College Football Coaches


There are dozens of great football coaches in the NCAA. Fortunately for some, the measure of success isn’t always measured in titles, but they types of players they produce and what they’ve done for their program. Don’t get me wrong, titles matter. That’s why you can probably guess who made the number one spot on this list rather easily. It just isn’t all that weighed in on these rankings. Check it out!

#10 – Gary Patterson – TCU – TCU dominated the Mountain West Conference for a long time. They’ve had their troubles in recent years with injuries and suspensions, but I don’t know where they’d be without Patterson.

gary patterson novfya Top 10 College Football Coaches

#9 – David Shaw – Stanford – There wasn’t much of a drop-off when Harbaugh left for the 49ers and Luck entered the NFL. 23-4 and a Pac-12 Championship isn’t too shabby for two years time.

david shaw kofn82 Top 10 College Football Coaches

#8 – Bill Snyder – Kansas State – Snyder is a college football legend. Kansas State manages to stay relevant year in and year out in large part to their head coach.

bill snyder r9201v Top 10 College Football Coaches

#7 – Brian Kelly – Notre Dame – Kelly is the greatest coach to come through Notre Dame since Lou Holtz. Notre Dame football is a huge tradition and Kelly has held his own. He went toe-to-toe with Nick Saban last January, unfortunately coming up very short, but will definitely be back to big game to win.

brian kelly h4bc3j Top 10 College Football Coaches

#6 – Mark Richt – Georgia – Richt has had the longest tenure of any current SEC head coach with their respective teams. He brought Georgia an SEC Championship in 2002 and turned the program around to become one of the biggest powerhouses in the nation.

mark richt xqd7e3 Top 10 College Football Coaches

#5 – Bob Stoops – Oklahoma – Sooners fans everywhere have extremely large expectations for Oklahoma. Stoops has eight Big 12 Championships in 14 years, but still searching for that elusive national title.

bob stoops bwsi6y Top 10 College Football Coaches

#4 – Les Miles – LSU – Miles is one of the most loyal coaches in college football. He’s accomplished a lot at LSU, but probably could have a few more pieces on his mantel if it weren’t for some hiring decisions.

les miles hcwjjx Top 10 College Football Coaches

#3 – Steve Spurrier – South Carolina – South Carolina used to be the laughingstock of the SEC. Spurrier completely turned the program around and has made them one of the best in the country year in and year out.

steve spurrier ro865c Top 10 College Football Coaches

#2 – Urban Meyer – Ohio State – It seems like everything Urban Meyer touches turns to gold. He did that with Florida and now he’s doing it with Ohio State. He’s done some great things with quarterbacks and we’ll see what happens with Braxton Miller.

urban meyer fbqlte Top 10 College Football Coaches

#1 – Nick Saban – Alabama – Saban has been a head and shoulders above everyone in college football until recently as Meyer is nipping at his heels. Ever since Saban arrived at Alabama, they’ve been one of the most dominant teams in college football history.

nick saban xbw3iz Top 10 College Football Coaches

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Top 10 College Football Coaches